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[Hero Wars]Hero of the Month Celeste

In Hero Wars, the Hero of the Month is determined.
This will affect the daily bonuses and the Soul Stone available in the Honorable Guardian Box, Heroic Chest, Free Boxes.

2016[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Keira[Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Aurora[Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Daredevil
2017[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Keira[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]ジュウ[Hero Wars]Galahad[Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Aurora[Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Ziri
2018[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]K’arkh[Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Luther[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]ジュウ[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Astrid and Lucas[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Ziri
2019[Hero Wars]Lars[Hero Wars]Krista[Hero Wars]Satori[Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Martha[Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]Qing Mao[Hero Wars]Andvari[Hero Wars]Astrid and Lucas[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Ziri
2020[Hero Wars]Lars[Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Qing Mao[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Dante[Hero Wars]Corvus[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Phobos
2021[Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Chabba[Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]ジュウ[Hero Wars]Qing Mao[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Alvanor[Hero Wars]Peppy[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Tristan[Hero Wars]Yasmine
2022[Hero Wars]Martha[Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Iris[Hero Wars]Dorian[Hero Wars]Astaroth[Hero Wars]Peppy[Hero Wars]Corvus[Hero Wars]Amira[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Ishmael[Hero Wars]Dante[Hero Wars]Jorgen
2023Fafnir[Hero Wars]NebulaKaylaAidan[Hero Wars]DorianMushy and Shroom[Hero Wars]Julius[Hero Wars]Andvari[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Satori[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Celeste
2024[Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]HeidiPolaris[Hero Wars]Martha[Hero Wars]K’arkh


Hiring order and number of hires

  1. [Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Arachne
  2. [Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Jinger
  3. [Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Daredevil
  4. [Hero Wars]Keira[Hero Wars]Keira
  5. [Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Fox
  6. [Hero Wars]Aurora[Hero Wars]Aurora
  7. [Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Helios[Hero Wars]Helios
  8. [Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Jorgen
  9. [Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]Maya
  10. [Hero Wars]ジュウ[Hero Wars]ジュウ[Hero Wars]ジュウ
  11. [Hero Wars]Galahad
  12. [Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Elmir
  13. [Hero Wars]Ziri[Hero Wars]Ziri[Hero Wars]Ziri
  14. [Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Nebula
  15. [Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Lian
  16. [Hero Wars]K’arkh[Hero Wars]K’arkh
  17. [Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Rufus
  18. [Hero Wars]Luther
  19. [Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Celeste
  20. [Hero Wars]Astrid and Lucas[Hero Wars]Astrid and Lucas
  21. [Hero Wars]Lars[Hero Wars]Lars
  22. [Hero Wars]Krista
  23. [Hero Wars]Satori[Hero Wars]Satori
  24. [Hero Wars]Martha[Hero Wars]Martha[Hero Wars]Martha
  25. [Hero Wars]Qing Mao[Hero Wars]Qing Mao[Hero Wars]Qing Mao
  26. [Hero Wars]Andvari
  27. [Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Sebastian
  28. [Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Yasmine
  29. [Hero Wars]Dante[Hero Wars]Dante
  30. [Hero Wars]Corvus[Hero Wars]Corvus
  31. [Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Morrigan
  32. [Hero Wars]Phobos
  33. [Hero Wars]Chabba
  34. [Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]Issac
  35. [Hero Wars]Alvanor
  36. [Hero Wars]Peppy
  37. [Hero Wars]Tristan
  38. [Hero Wars]Iris
  39. [Hero Wars]Dorian[Hero Wars]Dorian
  40. [Hero Wars]Astaroth
  41. [Hero Wars]Amira
  42. [Hero Wars]Ishmael
  43. Fafnir
  44. Kayla
  45. Aidan
  46. Mushy and Shroom
  47. [Hero Wars]Julius
  48. [Hero Wars]Heidi
  49. Polaris

Chooce Method

The target heroes are designated by the management and the month in which the voting takes place.
Newly implemented heroes tend to appear within three months.
Especially in March of each year, the heroes newly introduced at the end of the year are selected for this contest.
Heroes that have not been selected before tend to be selected.
Heroes that have been used more than once tend not to be chosen.

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