[Hero Wars Guide]Aidan

[Hero Wars]Aidan

About Aidan

Flavor Text

How amusing… I’m the Great Lord of a land that no longer exists – a barren, scorched wasteland that spells death. I was much too young when I was forced to discover the cruelty of fire – and the power of sibling bond… Kayla and I are bound by more than blood, for we share one life between us.


Phoenix’s Embrace

  • Aidan casts a shield on himself and the farthest ally. The shield absorbs any damage for 5 seconds. On deactivation, the ally’s shield explodes, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and casting the Phoenix Glyph on them.


  • Casts the Phoenix Glyph on the nearest enemy without a Glyph. If all enemies have the Phoenix Glyph, Aidan strikes out sparks from the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies near the target. The Phoenix Glyph applies Burn to the enemy, dealing pure damage over 6 seconds.

Inner Fire

  • Aidan unleashes a fire wave, healing all allies except himself. He also recovers health once every 2 seconds starting from the beginning of the battle, boosting the next healing fire wave. The wave’s effectiveness scales with the amount of health Aidan has recovered. Once Aidan’s health drops below 30%, he self-ignites, doubling his health regen. He stops burning once his health is above 60%.

Bonds of Flame

  • Establishes a mutual bond with the farthest ally, or with Kayla if she is on the allied team. The bound ally becomes the target of Phoenix’s Embrace. The heroes have shared health, passing any healing or damage taken to each other. They also gain a bonus that scales with their basic Armor and Magic Defense stats. The bond is established at the start of the battle and severed on death.

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