[Hero Wars Guide] How to Defeat the Amira with Dante Tank

[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Dante Tank Amira

About Jhu teams method

  • Using Dante tanks for defense is currently a popular strategy in CoW!
  • Especially when they’re positioned to protect shooting ranges and city halls, many players find it challenging to break through.
  • What’s the most effective approach to defeat them?
  • In my opinion, one of the traditional methods for taking down a high-difficulty Dante formation is to employ a Jhu Team. While this strategy isn’t typically used against easy Dante setups, which offer numerous viable attack patterns, in the higher difficulty levels of CoW where buffs are scarce, the Jhu Team takes on a completely different role. With this setup, it can effectively counter the newest type of Dante tanks (with Amira)!
  • A friend of mine requested that I share the team composition he devised, so here it is!

Role Assignment

  • Jhu: Damage dealer.
  • Markus: Tank, absorbs Dante’s attacks and continues to heal the entire team by leveraging the damage taken. Magic defense buff by 1st Artifact to counter Amira.
  • Nebula: Buffs Jhu and reduces Amira’s skill gauge.
  • Sebastian: Buffs Jhu and Nebula. Oliver’s Patron effect enhances his resilience against Dante tank attacks.
  • Jorgen: Responsible for sealing the skill gauge. This works exceptionally well because the opponent’s debuff cut relies on Khorus, and Jorgen’s debuff cannot be prevented.

[Hero Wars]Markus[Hero Wars]Jhu[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Jorgen

Actual Attack

Auto win rate 20-0

  • Under unbuffed conditions, there are almost no losses; achieving 20 consecutive wins is possible.
  • Under conditions with buff spots, we will manually trigger Nebula’s landing, as mentioned below.

Manual Operation of Nebula Only

  • Even with Auto mode enabled, only Nebula’s bullet landing can be controlled manually!
  • Leveraging this feature makes this team formation a foolproof path to victory!
  • By using the 3-key, Nebula is deployed to seal off and defeat Amira’s gauge!

Combat Results at the Shooting Range (51% buff)

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