[Hero Wars Guide]Famous Teams for Osh Battle

Meet the Teams

Jhu Template Team

  • Optimal for Osh battles below Lv 150.
  • Isaac demands the highest power, necessitating a level exceeding 100,000.
  • Martha and Jhu can handle battles up to lvl 130 with effective performance, even if they are trained solely based on color and level.

Standard Heroes : Isaac, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha, Albus

Jhu Template Team (Axel)

  • Albus accompany has a high mortality rate at lvl 160, leading many top guilds to ban its use. While it boasts high top damage, the average damage is low, reducing the likelihood of defeating Lv160.
  • This version is optimized for Lv160, addressing the issues of Albus accompany.
  • Even at lvl 150 or below, it serves as an effective alternative when training concerns arise.

Standard Heroes : Isaac, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha, Axel

Jhu Template Team (Double Armor)

  • In guild raids, lower-level members are often scattered without the ability to contribute, as the raid level is determined by the guild.
  • The strategy compensates for power deficiencies by employing double armor to handle meteors.
  • Jet is the best solution for double armor, followed by Fafnir. Helios is also viable, but Aidan and Astrid are less suitable.

Standard Heroes : Isaac, Jhu, Sebastian, Jet, Martha, Axel

Cornelius Team (Double Armor)

  • Cornelius poses challenges in PvP battles, but excels in Osh fights as a physical DPS capable of dealing over 1 billion damage.
  • Consider the dedication to training a hero specifically for the Osh fight.
  • Manual operation is a prerequisite, and depending on player skill, it might be advisable to avoid Cornelius.

Standard Heroes : Isaac, Cornelius, Sebastian, Jet, Martha, Albus

Corvus Heidi Team

  • Utilize Corvus’ altar damage, Heidi’s poison damage, and Albus for an effective combination.
  • Capable of producing up to about 32 million damage.
  • In auto mode, the expected value is around 7 million, with occasional spikes around 15 million damage.

Standard Heroes : Aurora, Corvus, Astaroth, Celeste, Heidi, Albus

Healing Converter Team

  • Teams leveraging the recovery conversion buff, which converts excess recovery into damage. Acquiring the Healing Converter Buff is crucial.
  • Thea plays a key role in this strategy.
  • While top damage is not exceptionally high, it remains effective even with minimal training.

Standard Heroes : Alvanor, Maya, Iris, Lian, Thea, Albus


  • In the high-stakes arena of the Osh battle, pet assignments play a crucial role. A single mistake in your strategy can lead to unexpected outcomes.
  • The required power varies based on both Osh’s level and the method of raising them. The appropriate power level depends on Osh’s level and the team composition. Even with the same hero, the power requirements change with different team setups. Therefore, actual battles are necessary to determine the optimal configuration!
  • Below level 150, the boss’s health is limited, meaning excessive damage from one player can impact the entire guild. To truly excel and become an ace player, mastering fights at level 160 is essential!

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