[Hero Wars Guide]Aurora

[Hero Wars]Aurora

About Aurora

  • Holy Knight of the Elves.
  • One of the four strongest tanks (Rufus, Astaroth, Corvus, and Aurora) in the 2023 environment. Especially used in attack teams.
  • While other tanks use armor and magic defense to withstand, Aurora is an evasive shield that protects with dodge and magic reflection, and Aurora is also good at magic attacks.
  • A tank for magic teams. It can be used by physical teams as well, but in many cases, it is safer to use other tanks.
  • A very aggressive tank that can be used in a DPS-less team depending on the opponent.
  • Good with Iris, easy to organize vs. Dante and vs. K’arkh. On the other hand, often does not mesh well with Heidi.
  • Double tanks are also highly appropriate and mesh well with Astaroth and Corvus.
  • The first skill is “attack and defense as one.” While avoiding the opponent’s attacks with the evasion buff, it is capable of counterattacking with a barrage of total magic attacks. Instead of protecting the rear guard with the armor buff, it protects the rear guard with the dodge buff.
  • The fourth skill’s barrier reflects up to 85% of magic damage. Because of this, the tank’s low magic defense is not a disadvantage. Because of this skill, the entire team’s damage can be reduced with Axel’s banding in anti-magic battles
  • When Kain is patronized, Aurora is extremely strong against opponents who fire a barrage of physical damage. Especially if the opponent is accompanied by Kain, it will suck in the opponent’s Kain attack and fire a barrage of magic.
  • Oliver’s patron allows him to gain an advantage in the battle against magic. However, since the turnover rate of the first skill is reduced, the firepower performance falls at a dash.
  • Although Isaac can counter the attack, the pet patronized by Aurora can greatly change the win rate. In a defensive formation, there is an operation to trap by patronizing Oliver in anticipation of it.
  • Although it is possible to get a stable counter with Iris, there is a firepower loss depending on the organization.
  • While other tanks fight with their basic status, Aurora fights with her skills, making her extremely vulnerable to cases in which her skills are stopped by debuffs.
  • Very late bloomer due to dodge type. Strength in the process of upgrade is quite inferior to other tanks.
[Hero Wars]Aurora

Flavor Text

As a child Aurora chose to follow the Light. She left her house and went a long way to finally receive the title of Paladin of Riversar, thus becoming a protector and a lantern for her people.


Crystal of Selias

  • Llight flash strikes at the center of the enemy team and deals damage to all enemies around the point of impact.
  • Magic Damage: 34,024 (50% Magic attack + Level x 40)

Crystalline Onslaught

  • Stuns and damages a nearby target. (Stun chance lowered if the target’s level is above %level%.)
  • Magic Damage: 26,309 (40% Magic attack + Level x 25)
  • Stun: 3 seconds

Piercing Light

  • Casts a spark of light which deals damage to all rivals in its way.
  • Magic Damage: 27,009 (40% Magic attack + Level x 35 + 100)

Rainbow Halo

  • Passive skill. The shield partially absorbs magic damage. After absorbing a certain amount of damage, the shield explodes, damaging nearby enemies.
  • The shield absorbs 85 (Level x 0.5 + 40)% of magic damage
  • Shield capacity: 106,215 (10% Now Health)
  • Magic Damage: 106,215 (Same as Shield capacity)



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