[Hero Wars Guide]Aurora

[Hero Wars]Aurora

About Aurora

  • Aurora is a Holy Knight of the Elves and one of the four strongest tanks (Rufus, Astaroth, Corvus, and Aurora) in the 2023 environment. She is especially useful in attack formations.
  • While other tanks rely on armor and magic defense to withstand attacks, Aurora acts as an evasive shield, utilizing dodge and magic reflection. Additionally, she excels at magic attacks.
  • She is primarily a tank for magic teams but can be used in physical teams as well. However, in most cases, it is safer to use other tanks with physical teams.
  • Aurora is a very aggressive tank and can function as a DPS-less teams tank depending on the opponent.
[Hero Wars]Aurora

Advantages of Aurora

  • She synergizes well with Iris and is easy to organize against Dante and K’arkh. However, she often doesn’t mesh well with Heidi.
  • Aurora is highly effective in double tank formations, particularly when paired with Astaroth and Corvus.
  • Her first skill combines offense and defense, allowing her to both avoid opponent attacks with the dodge buff and counterattack with a barrage of total magic attacks. She protects the rear guard with dodge buff instead of the typical armor buff.
  • Her fourth skill’s barrier reflects up to 85% of magic damage, compensating for her low magic defense. This skill enables Axel’s banding in anti-magic battles, reducing the entire team’s damage.
  • When paired with Cain, Aurora becomes extremely strong against opponents dealing a barrage of physical damage. She can absorb the opponent’s Cain attack and retaliate with a barrage of magic attacks.
  • With Oliver’s patron, Aurora gains an advantage in battles against magic. However, the turnover rate of her first skill falls, impacting her firepower performance.
  • Defending with Biscuit’s patron makes it easier to set up the opponent.

Disadvantages of Aurora

  • She can be countered by Isaac, though the win rate changes significantly with pets patronized by Aurora. In defense formations, it is possible to trap the opponent by using Oliver as a patron.
  • Iris can counter Aurora effectively. However, depending on the team’s organization, there might be a loss in firepower.
  • Aurora is vulnerable to Corvus altar counters due to repeated low-power ranged attacks.
  • Unlike other tanks that rely on their basic stats, Aurora heavily depends on her skills. As a result, she becomes extremely vulnerable when her skills are nullified by debuffs.
  • Aurora’s dodge nature makes her weaker during the development process compared to other tanks.

Flavor Text

As a child Aurora chose to follow the Light. She left her house and went a long way to finally receive the title of Paladin of Riversar, thus becoming a protector and a lantern for her people.


Crystal of Selias

  • Llight flash strikes at the center of the enemy team and deals damage to all enemies around the point of impact.
  • Magic Damage: 34,024 (50% Magic attack + Level x 40)

Crystalline Onslaught

  • Stuns and damages a nearby target. (Stun chance lowered if the target’s level is above %level%.)
  • Magic Damage: 26,309 (40% Magic attack + Level x 25)
  • Stun: 3 seconds

Piercing Light

  • Casts a spark of light which deals damage to all rivals in its way.
  • Magic Damage: 27,009 (40% Magic attack + Level x 35 + 100)

Rainbow Halo

  • Passive skill. The shield partially absorbs magic damage. After absorbing a certain amount of damage, the shield explodes, damaging nearby enemies.
  • The shield absorbs 85 (Level x 0.5 + 40)% of magic damage
  • Shield capacity: 106,215 (10% Now Health)
  • Magic Damage: 106,215 (Same as Shield capacity)



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