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perhaps..Official Counter List


  • These are the designated counter picks endorsed by the game’s official data.
  • It’s worth noting that some heroes users consider as counters in practice may not align with this official list.
  • There is a potential for enhancements to be made to this list in the future.


Version: October 4, 2023 Release

NoHeroCounter Pick
1AuroraThea, Arachne, Corvus, Isaac, Fafnir
2GalahadDante, Peppy, Qing Mao, Yasmine, Isaac, Fafnir
3KeiraArachne, Dante, Qing Mao, Nebula, Yasmine
4AstarothThea, Alvanor, Amira, Mushy and Shroom
5KaiThea, Peppy, Jorgen, Isaac
6PhobosThea, Peppy, Isaac, Iris
7TheaDante, Nebula, Yasmine, Isaac, Fafnir
8DaredevilPeppy, Sebastian, Iris
9HeidiPeppy, Satori, Yasmine, Amira
10FacelessAndvari, Sebastian, Yasmine, Isaac, Julius
11ChabbaPeppy, Yasmine, Amira, Fafnir
12ArachneDaredevil, Peppy, Jorgen, Sebastian, Isaac
13OrionArachne, Satori, Isaac, Fafnir
14FoxDante, Sebastian, Yasmine, Amira
15GingerDante, Qing Mao, Yasmine, Aidan
16DanteArachne, Judge, Satori, Amira, Aidan
17MojoThea, Sebastian, Yasmine, Isaac
18JudgeThea, Arachne, Peppy, Isaac, Amira
19Dark StarDante, Sebastian, Yasmine, Amira
20ArtemisDante, Judge, Yasmine, Amira, Fafnir
21MarkusArachne, Jorgen, Isaac, Fafnir
22PeppyThea, Nebula, Isaac, Kayla, Julius
23LianThea, Arachne, Peppy, Sebastian, Yasmine
24CleaverArachne, Peppy, Yasmine, Amira, Fafnir
25IshmaelDaredevil, Arachne, Peppy, Qing Mao
26LilithThea, Sebastian, Isaac, Fafnir, Julius
27LutherArachne, Peppy, Jorgen, Satori, Yasmine, Amira
28Qing MaoArachne, Dante, Peppy, Yasmine, Aidan
29DorianYasmine, Aidan, Julius
30CorneliusDaredevil, Dante, Qing Mao, Nebula, Yasmine
31JetArachne, Peppy, Yasmine, Iris, Julius
32HeliosPeppy, Corvus, Isaac, Amira
33LarsArachne, Sebastian, Isaac, Julius
34KristaThea, Peppy, Jorgen, Yasmine, Isaac
35JorgenSatori, Sebastian, Yasmine, Isaac, Fafnir
36MayaDaredevil, Jorgen, Corvus, Julius
37JhuDante, Martha, Fafnir, Aidan, Mushy and Shroom
38ElmirJudge, Peppy, Yasmine, Amira, Mushy and Shroom
39ZiriDante, Yasmine, Amira, Mushy and Shroom
40NebulaArachne, Dante, Sebastian, Isaac, Amira, Mushy and Shroom
41K’arkhDante, Andvari, Yasmine, Aidan, Mushy and Shroom
42RufusDaredevil, Dante, Qing Mao, Isaac, Fafnir
43CelesteArachne, Isaac, Iris, Amira
44Astrid and LucasJudge, Yasmine, Amira, Aidan
45SatoriArachne, Sebastian, Isaac, Julius
46MarthaPeppy, Qing Mao, Yasmine, Iris
47AndvariPeppy, Satori, Sebastian, Amira
48SebastianYasmine, Corvus, Iris, Amira, Aidan
49YasminePeppy, Helios, Corvus, Amira
50CorvusArachne, Peppy, K’arkh, Satori, Iris
51MorriganYasmine, Iris, Amira, Fafnir, Julius
52IsaacKeira, Dante, Qing Mao, Yasmine
53AlvanorArachne, Satori, Isaac, Amira
54TristanDaredevil, Arachne, Dante, Judge, Satori, Yasmine
55IrisDante, Judge, Qing Mao, Nebula, Yasmine
56AmiraThea, Arachne, Peppy, Isaac
57FafnirArachne, Peppy, Qing Mao, Sebastian, Amira
58AidanThea, Arachne, Jorgen, Yasmine, Iris, Amira
59KaylaDante, Nebula, Yasmine, Corvus, Fafnir
60Mushy and ShroomDaredevil, Peppy, Isaac, Iris, Amira
61JuliusJorgen, Nebula, Sebastian, Isaac, Amira

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  1. Little Bituin / AngelStar / AngelTail says:

    Thank you for the counters list!

    Important counters that players found in practice are:

    1) Dante –> countered by Heidi (dodge + skill 1)

    2) Rufus –> Morrigan (skeletal allies do physical damage + stops Rufus resurrection)


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