[Hero Wars Guide]Heidi Update and Heidi Teams

[Hero Wars Guide] Heidi gets a boost

Heidi’s current status, teaming theory, and the impact of the update

A performance and visual update to Heidi has been announced. This section discusses the impact of this update. (This is not a fact, but rather a prediction and discussion, as it is pre-release information.

Heidi’s Current Status

  • Heidi is a formidable Pure damage DPS character renowned for her ability to counter physical DPS opponents, and is also effective against Osh at lvl 160!
  • Heidi stands out as one of the most effective counters against Dante, showcasing her prowess as a hard counter in this regard.
  • In terms of performance, Heidi ranks second only to Iris among Pure damage DPS heroes.
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Heidi’s challenges and Heidi teams

  • Due to Heidi’s low attack power, Heidi typically relies on Albus’ Patron and Nebula’s Boost as a foundational system.
  • Given the importance of skill activation speed, Health needs to be moderated, making Astaroth with Resurrection the preferred tank choice as a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Heidi is often paired with Dorian for damage mitigation, although this increases vulnerability to direct attacks from Dante.
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Summary of Heidi’s Performance Updates

Improved Spy Camo

Improved Spy Camo with a reduction in maximization time from 7 seconds to 5 seconds, and immunity to negative effects other than debuffs. The display during activation has also been enhanced for better visibility.

Ascension skill added

Enhancing damage when Spy Camo is active at rank 2, and adding poison damage to Heidi’s first skill at rank 5.

Visual Updates

Default skins have been announced, but up to 4 skins are expected to be covered.

Expected Effects of Heidi’s Performance Update

  • Anticipated slight improvement in upfront firepower, potentially expanding opportunities for Kane’s patrons and team compositions without Nebula.
  • Expected slight increase in skill activation speed, facilitating pairing with tanks like Morrigan and Albanor.
  • Enhanced counter performance against Dante, improving effectiveness in scenarios where previously less successful.

Impact of Heidi’s Visual Update

  • Heidi is not typically known for her visual appeal.
  • It is not expected to generate significant interest, even among frequent Heidi users.
  • The improvement to the semi-transparent display while cloaking is active is easy to understand. Expected to be well received.

Normal skin

Winter skin

Lunar skin

Solar Skin

Heidi Will Be Updated!

Heidi will obtain Ascension Skills, get stronger, and even update his look — here you can read everything about his improvements that will take effect next week!

First, let’s look at Spy Camo Skill changes:

  • Before: If Heidi isn’t damaged for a few seconds, he receives camouflage that gradually increases his chance of dodging an enemy’s attack. Each time Heidi dodges damage, he gains bonus Energy equal to the Energy he would have gained from taking the damage. Can’t dodge control effects and become fully visible after being damaged.
  • After (full description): If Heidi isn’t damaged for 2 seconds, he receives camouflage that gradually increases his chance of dodging any type of damage. The camouflage reaches its full potential in 5 seconds. Each time Heidi dodges damage, he gains bonus Energy equal to the Energy he would have gained from taking the damage. Heidi loses his camouflage if he takes damage or gets hit with a control effect (such as Silence, Blind, Stun, Charm and Mind control).

*Before these changes, Heidi would lose his camouflage by receiving any kind of negative effect.

Second, Heidi now has Ascension Skills:

  • Deadly Spy Camo on Ascension Rank II: While camouflaged, Heidi deals extra skill damage, which gradually increases from 5% to 20%.
  • Suffocating Deathflower on Ascension Rank V: The Deathflower deals 10% more poison damage every 0.5 seconds to the affected targets.

Also, we invite you to join a live stream on February 9 at 4 PM UTC — we are going to take a look at the updated Heidi and give away Event Coins among the 5 viewers of the live stream, which will come in handy on the Heidi’s Adventure! 
What do you think about Heidi’s improvements? Share your thoughts in our official Discord server!
See you in the game!

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