[Hero Wars Guide]Faceless

[Hero Wars] Faceless

Hero Guide

  • An ingenious wizard in a mask. His true identity is said to be a certain hero.
  • Because he is a genius, he can improve and imitate the skills of other heroes, but he cannot imitate their status.
  • It is a control that works well with other controls and is cosmetically superior. Unfortunately, he is not very good at hitting.

Faceless Strengths and Team Building Theory

  • Excellently synergizes with heroes like Arachne, Jorgen, and Polaris, forming a formidable control-oriented team.
  • His first skill’s copying ability covers a wide range of skills, including potent damage-dealing abilities from heroes like Jorgen and Amira.
  • Skills from heroes like Arachne and Lian can be efficiently replicated as well. However, it’s important to note that certain effects from patronized pets, such as extended stun, cannot be duplicated.
  • While physical DPS skills can be copied, their effectiveness is limited by the inability to replicate stats, thus resulting in ineffective armor penetration.
  • The first skill duplicates the skill activated immediately before it, whether from an ally or enemy. Consequently, skills from heroes not trained by the player can only be utilized for that battle.
  • Skill duplication via the first skill involves doubling the skill level, not a direct copy. For instance, copying Martha‘s acceleration skill at level 130 would grant Faceless 380% speed, compared to Martha’s 250% speed.
  • Skill duplication occurs through Faceless’s first skill. Therefore, activating skills from heroes like Jorgen and Helios is advantageous for dealing damage due to magic penetration.
  • The second skill, Power Throw, is just as powerful. This skill can be activated faster with Merlin’s Patron effect, so Merlin’s Patron is fundamental. The basic use is to aim for efficient attacks by adjusting the placement of Faceless according to the opponent’s composition. A hero whose order is extremely important.
  • The attack method of hitting hard with Celeste or DPS is effective when the opponent’s tank is moved by Power Throw.
  • A power throw knockdown is a target of K’arkh‘s attack. This is treated as an attack by K’arkh. Damage is calculated based on K’arkh’s physical attack and armor penetration. For this reason, Faceless will cause significant damage if only the skill level is increased. Also, if Faceless copies K’arkh’s attack with his first skill, K’arkh will attack in the same way, so the damage will be done regardless of Faceless’ skill.
  • The magic defense boost from the fourth skill benefits all allies, whether Faceless is alive or deceased, functioning as a fixed-value modifier. It serves as an effective counter against magic attacks in the absence of an opponent’s magic penetration buff.
  • Acts as a solid counter to heroes like Kayla and Luther, pushing back heroes who initiate actions when Power Throw is activated.
  • Combining Faceless with Martha results in a suicidal assault against Seymour. As long as the first skill’s level is sufficiently high, this tactic proves effective.
  • It may pose some challenges to utilize Faceless effectively in boss fights. However, when manually duplicating the skills of heroes like Cornelius and Mojo, it can lead to some very satisfying outcomes, maybe.

Disadvantages of Faceless

  • The randomness of his first skill can pose challenges, especially in auto mode. This unpredictability becomes particularly problematic against defensive teams where many heroes have skills that are not advantageous for Faceless to copy.
  • Faceless is easily rendered ineffective when attacking physical team defenses due to his lack of practical physical stats.
  • Some primary skills cannot be copied, while others are not worth copying or disable copying altogether, making it difficult to optimize his usage.
  • Vulnerable to both physical and magical damage, Faceless can be quickly eliminated regardless of stat increases. He is overshadowed by heroes like Dante and Amira.
  • Although his skill synergizes well with K’arkh, both heroes suffer from slow attack speeds and vulnerability to hits, reducing the practicality of their combo when team power exceeds approximately 600,000.
  • K’arkh’s skill buff provides similar benefits to Kai and, due to durability concerns, a K’arkh + Kai combination becomes more practical. Consequently, as K’arkh’s team progresses in training, Faceless’s position is often replaced by Kai.
  • If a novice brings up K’arkh, it is cosmetically better as a support role in the early stages. However, it is hardly a win-win environment for a novice to raise K’arkh in the first place. There is synergy, but the combination of the two is not appropriate for the 2024 environment.
  • They are almost impractical in a defensive formation because they are too weak to hit.
  • Faceless’s first artifact focuses on Magic Penetration, but this skill is not frequently activated, and his first skill does not consistently deal magic damage. Moreover, assembling a control team tailored to him often results in an overabundance of Magic Penetration buffs, rendering him ineffective as a buffer.
  • While Faceless can be useful at low power levels, his effectiveness does not significantly increase as his power grows. Investing resources to enhance his power may not yield significant returns, making him a cosmetic hero that is not worth the investment. It may be more advantageous to train Faceless sporadically and focus on developing other heroes instead.
  • Although he is a tough counter to Kayla, his training cannot be compromised for this use, and his durability needs to be strengthened just for this purpose.
  • As a control hero, he is not a hero who can play a lead role like Arachne or Jorgen. He remains in a support role. For this reason, it is not a hero that should be prioritized.



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