[Hero Wars Guide]What occurs when Minions battles is overlooked?

How does it impact guild raids?

  • I think many people do all the minion battles in the guild raid on Thursday (because there is no option not to do it on Thursday).
  • In such cases, there are inevitably people who cannot do it on certain days, or those who forget to do it. Now, let me explain what happens in that case.

Guild members will notic

  • All guild members can observe who hasn’t participated in minion battles.
  • This lack of participation affects the guild’s overall buffing power.
  • If you are in an active guild, you may be reprimanded by the guildmaster or general

Inability to purchase buffs

  • Members who skip minion battles cannot purchase buffs, except for gold buffs.
  • There are no alternatives available, even with payment.

Some teams face challenges

  • Buff-reliant teams are rendered ineffective without the appropriate buffs.
  • Recovery conversion teams must have recovery conversion buffs!
  • Also, teams designed to buff the first sphere for the sake of saving the gauge will not work.

Templates teams work somehow

I did nearly 500 million in damage!

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