[Hero Wars Guide]Clash of Worlds

[Hero Wars Guide]Clash of Worlds

What is Clash of Worlds?

  • Game mode starting October 3, 2022.
  • For Silver and Gold League guilds.
  • Cross-server guild warfare.
  • All 30 players participate.
  • All members will register 3 Hero teams and 2 Titan teams for defense formation. However, only 60 Heroes and 40 Titans will be selected and deployed throughout the guild. Also, defense buffs exist at each base.
  • All players will attack with 3 Heroes and 2 Titans, with a guild of 30 players having 30 attacks for Heroes and 20 attacks for Titans.
  • Very large number of bases, 3 guild battles per week over 2 days
    1st match in week: Monday and Tuesday.
    2nd match in week: Wednesday and Thursday.
    3rd match in week: Friday and Saturday.
  • All players will attack with 3 Heroes and 2 Titans, with a guild of 30 players having 30 moves for Heroes and 10 moves for Titans.
  • 36 games in 12 weeks per season. Season updates approximately every 3 months.
  • Matches are arranged by guilds with the closest ranking score points.
  • Rewards based on guild ranking. Many exclusive rewards.

Team Formation

  • The same hero and same titan can only be used once each in attack and defense.
  • Even when chasing your own attack failures by yourself, you have to replace 5 heroes/titans. This is not always practical.
  • Less than 5 person formation available, such as Lian Solo.

Crash of Worlds Team-Up

Ranking Score Points

  • Starting ranking score is calculated based on the total power of the 15 strongest heroes and 10 strongest titans of each Guild member.
  • Ranking score will fluctuate depending on the outcome of the battle.
  • Victory: 500 + 1/10 of the score difference
  • Draw: 250
  • Defeat: 1/10 of the score difference
  • Soft reset per season, but will be reflected in the starting position for the next season.
  • Penalties on Ranking Point while the guild is demoted to the Bronze League.
  • Reset if the season ends with the guild relegated to the Bronze League.

How the season progresses

  • Under the ranking score point system, winning places will hit each other.
  • The more you continue to win, the more you will play against the guilds that continue to win.
  • If you lose, you will play the guilds you lost to.
  • If you move up a league, you play against the guilds in that league.
  • The next season is likely to be essentially a continuation of the previous season’s results.

The Guild Approach

  • Full matchups place a much greater burden on the operations staff than Guild Wars and are easily saturated with time constraints.
  • Free attack is a burden on the members, and moreover, it depends on player skill.
  • Due to the constraints of strategy planning and members’ level of understanding, there will be cases where the players cannot fight to their full potential. It would be good to have a general policy and mechanism to determine how much effort is required.

Leagues and Divisions

There are five leagues and five sub-leagues (divisions). The leagues are named after ranks.

  • Duke League (Divisions 1-5)
  • Marquis League (Divisions 1-5)
  • Earl League (Divisions 1-5)
  • Viscount League (Divisions 1-5)
  • Barons League (Division 1-5)


The higher the League and Division, the greater the amount of reward (about 10 times the participation reward alone) for the same content.

  • At the end of the battle, the result is rewarded. The amount of reward differs depending on victory, draw, or defeat.
  • At the end of the battle, a reward for the number of bases occupied. The amount of reward varies depending on the number of bases occupied.
  • Season participation reward at the end of the season
  • At the end of the season, the top 50 guilds will be rewarded for their ranking. The amount of reward depends on the ranking.
  • If you move guilds during the season, the reward will be discounted based on the actual number of attacks.

Rewards Sumple

Barons League Division 5

Battle Reward
[Hero Wars Guide]Clash of Worlds Battle Reword Baron-5
Season Reward

Duke League Divisions 1

Battle Reward
Season Reward

Ranking Reward

Enhancements to accompany Clash of Worlds

  • CoW Shop is now open and CoW Trophies can use.
  • Use of CoW Trophies 1: Level up Light Totem and Darkness Totem.
  • Use of CoW Trophies 2: Obtain Soul Stones for Iris and Amira (no other means of obtaining CoW Trophies are expected in the near future).
  • Usage of CoW Trophy 3: Exclusive avatars, frames, etc.

About the map

  • Very large map based on number of participants and defenses.
  • The player attacks the bases from the front line. There are Titan’s Bridge and Heroes’s Bridge on the way.
  • It will take 2 days to complete the project.
  • Guild master or general allocates 100 defense positions (60 heroes/40 titans).
  • Each base has its own defense buff. Heroes are assigned by Role (ex. Marksman buff/Healer buff), titans are assigned by Elements.
[Hero Wars攻略]クラッシュ・オブ・ワールドの防衛計画

Guild selection

  • Until now, it was okay to have a certain amount of slots for training and observation in the guild.
  • With the addition of this game mode, it is recommended to gather with members of the same level of ability as yourself.

Clash of Worlds Rules (from the official write)


The Clash of Worlds is a new cross-server guild competition mechanic. The guild earns ranking points for each battle. The ranking determines the guild’s league, which in turn determines the value of battle rewards and seasonal rewards.


Guilds from all servers are eligible for the Clash of Worlds as long as they are in the Guild War’s Silver League or higher.

If a guild is demoted from the Guild War’s Silver League, it can no longer participate in the Clash of Worlds battles until it returns to the Silver League. In the meantime, it receives a penalty of 500 ranking points for each battle ignored, which is substracted from its current ranking score.


A Clash of Worlds is divided into seasons, each lasting 12 weeks. Results are calculated at the end of 12 weeks. After that, seasonal rewards are awarded and season’s top 50 guilds receive extra rewards.

Guilds start the first season with a ranking score based on the total power of each guild member’s top 15 heroes and top 10 titans.

After that, guilds start the season with a ranking score based on the guild’s ranking in the previous Clash of Worlds season.



At the start of the first battle day, a guild is matched with an opponent adjacent in ranking. If the adjacent guild was its opponent within 6 days, the guild is matched with the next adjacent guild instead.


During the Clash of Worlds, all battles last 2 days each, Monday to Friday.


Each guild member assembles three hero defense teams and two titan defense teams.

When planning fortification defense, the Guildmaster and Generals select 60 hero defense teams and 40 titan defense teams among all guild members.


Attacking requires 1 team. The attacking team can differ from defense teams assigned to fortifications. It is assembled right before attacking an enemy fortification.

Each guild member has a total of 5 attack attempts: 3 with heroes, and 2 with titans.

Each hero and titan can be a part of an attacking team only once and cannot be selected until the next battle after attacking.


The fortification is captured when all defending teams are defeated. The guild earns extra capture points for fully capturing the fortification.

Some fortifications have defense team buffs. Each fortification’s buff level scales with the number of specific units assigned to defend it. The buff can be increased by assigning heroes with a specific role or titans of a specific element, stated in the fortification description.


Ranking score

The score earned in battles is determined by capture points. The ranking score is calculated by dividing the difference between the two guilds’ capture points by 10.


The guild that scores more capture points than the opponent wins the battle and receives 500 extra ranking points. 


In case of a draw, both guilds receive 250 points each. The ranking points are added on the last day of the battle, when the winner is determined.


After a defeat, the difference in capture points divided by 10 is substracted from the guild’s ranking score.


There are 5 leagues in the Clash of Worlds. Each guild’s ranking score changes after each battle depending on its results. After meeting the score threshold, a guild automatically advances to the new division or league.

If a guild loses enough ranking points to drop below the league’s threshold, it is demoted to a lower-tier division. If it was the league’s lowest division, the guild is demoted to a lower-tier league.

A guild cannot be knocked out of the Clash of Worlds because of low ranking.


Regular rewards

Battle rewards and end-of-season rewards scale with the guild’s division and league.

The rewards for entering a league and battle rewards are sent out at the end of the participation day. The seasonal rewards are sent out at the end of the season.

Top Guilds

The top 50 guilds in the seasonal leaderboard receive an extra reward at the end of the season.

Players kicked from guild

After being kicked from the guild, a player receives the guild’s end-of-season reward in the ratio of the player’s battles in the guild to the guild’s total battles. The battles where the player didn’t have attack attempts don’t count.

If a player joined another guild after being kicked, they receive the full reward for their current guild as well as their previous guild’s reward.


For the player

If the player joins a new guild participating in the Clash of Worlds during a battle, they can’t participate in their new guild’s current battle. The ineligibility penalty is reset at the start of the next battle.

If the player returns to the guild they left before the battle ends, they can keep participating and retain the same number of attempts they had before leaving the guild.

For the guild

After being knocked out of the Guild War’s Silver League, the guild can no longer participate in Clash of Worlds battles. It will receive a penalty that will be substracted from its current ranking score until the guild regains a position in the Silver League.

Official Explanation

8.3 More Info About Upcoming Game Mode

We’re eager to share more details about the upcoming cross-server guild game mode!

  • The game mode’s tentative name is Clash of Worlds.
  • Silver and Gold League Guilds are eligible for participation.
  • All 30 Guild members can fight in the Clash of Worlds. Each of them will bring their Guild closer to victory! To participate in defense or attack, each player will need 3 hero teams and 2 titan teams.
  • Each battle in this game mode lasts 2 days, with a total of 3 battles per week. They begin on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Sundays off. The Clash of Worlds will have seasons, each lasting 3 months.
  • By participating in battles, Guilds will climb the Clash of Worlds’ ranking to see which Guild is the most powerful across all servers this season! A higher guild ranking means stronger opponents and more valuable rewards!
  • When a Guild unlocks the Clash of Worlds, it will receive the starting ranking calculated via the total power of the 15 strongest heroes and 10 strongest titans of each guild member, so it can participate right away rather than wait for the season to end.
  • The Guild ranking will reset at season start. The ranking reached in the previous season affects the starting ranking of the new season. The higher the Guild’s ranking for the previous season, the higher its starting position in the new season.
  • We’ll have more to share soon, and for now, we’re waiting for your feedback on the Discord server!
  • We’re going to tell you more about the rewards and answer your questions. See you in Dominion!

Note: Names and info presented in this post might become subject to change!

8.4 New Titans Coming to Hero Wars          

  • Hi everyone! Some of you noticed that on the cross-server game mode’s map there are five Elemental Crystals, and two of them were unknown to you! It was a great observation, these new crystals were placed there for a reason — in addition to the new cross-server mode, new Dark & Light Titans will appear in the game this fall!
  • The new Titans will not be a part of the Fire-Water-Earth elemental cycle and will not disturb its balance, but at the same time, they will help diversify your usual Titan teams and add the confrontation between Darkness and Light into the game.
  • By the way, your Titan Potions, Essences of the Elements, and Titan Skin Stones will still come in handy for new Titans!
  • Titans will be released gradually — only some of them will appear in the game this fall. And today we want to show you what one of the Dark Titans looks like!
  • Let us know on the Discord server what you think about this news! And stay tuned for the next posts about the new Titans!

Note: Names and info presented in this post might become subject to change!

8.10 Q&A: Upcoming Updates

We’ve collected your questions about the upcoming game mode and new Titans, so we are here to answer them together with the developers!

  • Q: Why don’t you bring in the Air Titans?
    A: We don’t want to disrupt the Fire-Water-Earth elemental cycle by adding up a fourth element to it, and we don’t want you to completely abandon your Titan team because of the new element in the elemental cycle. So, even though new Titans will be strong, in the fight against the Earth Titans, the Fire Titans will remain the most effective, etc. While staying outside the existing elemental cycle, new Titans will help you diversify your current teams but won’t force you to replace them completely.
  • Q: Will Dark and Light Titans become new Elemental Lords in the Tournament of Elements?
    A: Right now, we don’t have plans to make new Elemental Lords.
  • Q: Will we be able to use new Titans in other game modes besides the Clash of Worlds: in the Dungeon, Guild War, Tournament of the Elements?
    A: Yes, you will be able to use Dark and Light Titans in the Dungeon, the Guild War, and the Tournament of the Elements. Respectively, you will be able to face new Titans as enemies in the Tournament of the Elements and in the Guild War. It’s still uncertain if you face new Titans among the Dungeon enemies.  
  • Q: Will there be new Totems for the new Titans?
     Yes, there will be new Totems for the new Titans, but we will tell you more about them in future posts.
  • Q: You told us that the Titans will be released gradually. Does it mean that we will see only a part of them in the fall? And how many do you plan to release in total? How confident are you that after releasing some of the Titans this fall, you will release the rest Titans?
    All of the Titans are in development already, so we are confident that we will release two full teams of Dark and Light Titans — there will be 4 Dark Titans and 4 Light Titans in total. This fall, 2 Dark Titans and 2 Light Titans will appear in the game, and next year we will introduce all the rest of them.
  • Q: Is it possible to use an incomplete team of 1-4 Heroes in defense or attack in the Clash of Worlds?
    A: Yes, you can gather an incomplete team in defense or attack, and this applies to both Hero teams and Titan teams.
  • Q: What happens when a Guild drops to the Bronze League in a Guild War amidst the Clash of Worlds season?
    A: When a guild drops out from the Silver League, it also drops out from the Clash of Worlds and can’t participate in its fights until it gets back to the Silver League. The dropped-out Guild will lose some of the earned Clash of Worlds rating with each day it’s unable to fight in the game mode.
  • Q: Will the development of the new Mode and new Titans will lead to you neglecting the releases of new Heroes, Pets, Ascension Skills, and new Guild Raid bosses?
    A: The development of the new Titans and Clash of the Worlds mode doesn’t mean anything like that! Until the end of this year, you will also get new Heroes, a new Pet, and one more Hero will get Ascension Skills. But we can confirm now that there won’t be a new Guild Raid boss this year.

Note: Names and info presented in this post might become subject to change!

8.25 [Upcoming] Totems of Darkness & Light

After the news about the upcoming Titans, the most popular questions were about the Totems. As we already answered in Q&A, Totems of Darkness and Light will appear in the game along with the release of new Titans, and today we will tell you more about them and also show them!

With the release of Titans of Darkness and Light this fall, you will have the opportunity to use two Totems at the same time in a battle, provided that at least one of them will be the Totem of Darkness or Light. Unlike the Earth, Fire, and Water Totems, only two Titans of the same element will be enough to activate Totems of Light and Darkness. At the same time, to activate the Earth, Fire, or Water Totem, you will still need at least three Titans of the same element.

How will you be able to get the Totems of Darkness and Light?

  • You will have a chance to obtain Totem Fragments of Light and Darkness by opening Titan Artifact Spheres or by spending Emeralds in the Altar of the Elements. By the way, the bad luck protection feature which already exists for three Elemental Totems will apply to new Totems of Darkness and Light.
  • To level up new Totems, you’ll need to use new Trophies from the upcoming Clash of Worlds game mode or Emeralds.

8.27 Fortifications & Rewards in Upcoming Game Mode

Today we will tell you more about the upcoming game mode: Clash of Worlds’ fortifications and what you will receive rewards for!

  • Recently we showed the map of the upcoming game mode, but it’s time to reveal how many teams it will take to defend it! In total, 60 hero teams and 40 titan teams will need to be placed to defend all the fortifications. Use the strongest teams of your guild to defend fortifications!
  • As we said before, each of 30 guild members will have a total of 5 attack attempts (2 for titans, 3 for heroes). In summary, you will have more attack attempts compared to the total number of teams in defense because some fortifications will have buffs for those teams in defense. You will need to try hard to break through those teams with buffs to capture a fortification, so additional attack attempts will be very helpful!
  • As you have already noticed, there will be two bridges on the map, and they must be captured in order to pass to the Citadel. One of the bridges will be with titan teams, and the other — with hero team. There will be no buffs for teams in defense!

And what about rewards?

  • As a reward in the game mode, you will receive new Clash of Worlds Trophies which you will be able to exchange for goods in the Clash of Worlds Shop. Although there will be different leagues in the game mode, Trophies will be the same for everyone.
  • You will get Trophies based on the results of each battle held, for reaching a new higher league, and for your guild’s rankings at the end of the season.
  • Goods of the Clash of Worlds Shop is still being discussed, but we can already tell you that at the game mode release, the Shop will contain Iris and Amira Soul Stones, as well as exclusive frames and avatars. After the launch of the Clash of Worlds, the store will be supplemented with other unique items!

9.1 QA. The number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place limited? 

  • Q. Previously, it was mentioned that each guildmate will place 3 hero teams and 2 titan teams on defense. That’s 90 hero teams and 60 titan teams. But this new piece of information says that the map will contain 60 hero teams and 40 titan teams on defense. Does this mean that the guild can assign their strongest hero teams and strongest titan teams no matter which guildmate’s teams they are or are the number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place limited? For example, can a player who is stronger than his guildmates place 5 hero teams and 3 titan teams while some of his other guildmates don’t place any of their heroes on defense?
  • A. The number of hero/titan teams a single guildmate can place is limited. The rules are pretty much the same as the current Guild Wars one. Each player can place up to 3 Hero teams and 2 Titan teams only for himself as a participant of Guild War. You cannot place your teams instead of someone else, but that doesn’t mean you are forced to place any – if 20 Guild members will put 3 Hero teams and 2 Titan teams you will fill all the fortifications needed for defense without engaging all 30 Guild members. In total, you should place 60 Hero teams and 40 Titan teams for defense. Let me know if you are still not sure how this whole thing works, maybe we need to make a proper lengthy explanation!

9.2 [Upcoming] Titans of Darkness

Today we are introducing you to Titans of Darkness’ Skills and Artifacts! As we already said, two Titans of Darkness will appear in the game this fall: you’ve seen one of them already — the Marksman Titan named Keros, the second will be the Support Titan named Mor — we are showing him for the first time!

  • Keros’ Skill will deal damage to an enemy for several seconds and accumulate up to 3 Dark Stars, each of which will boost one Keros’ Basic attack.
  • Mor will buff his allies — his Skill will give allied Titans Vampirism and will increase their damage based on the health they lost.

Titans of Darkness will also have new Artifacts:

  • The first Artifact will increase damage dealt by Titans of Darkness to Titans of Light. This Artifact will be two times more effective for Titans of Darkness in attack teams.
  • The second Artifact will protect Titans of Darkness from damage dealt by Titans of Light. In defense teams, Titans of Darkness will be protected by this Artifact from attacks of both Titans of Light and Darkness, but not from attacks of Fire, Earth, and Water Titans. In the same way, Fire, Earth, and Water Titans will not be protected by their second Artifact from attacks of Titans of Darkness and Light.
  • The third Artifact will increase the Health and Attack of Titans of Darkness.

9.9 [Upcoming] Titans of Light

Meet two upcoming Titans of Light — the Marksman Titan named Amon and the Support Titan named Iyari! They are counterparts to Titans of Darkness and will appear in the game after the release of two Titans of Darkness.

  • Amon launches 3 Light Projectiles at random enemies dealing damage. Each projectile launched at the same target deals less damage than the previous one. If there are any stunned enemies on the battlefield, all projectiles are launched at the nearest stunned enemy and deal extra AoE damage.
  • Iyari summons a Healing Sphere on the battlefield for 7 seconds. While the Sphere is on the battlefield, it targets an ally with the lowest percentage of Health every 0.5 seconds to heal them and also boost their Attack. If after 0.5 seconds the Sphere’s current target still has the lowest percentage of health, then the Sphere heals the same target. If the Sphere heals the same target again, it boosts their Attack once again, and Attack bonuses can stack with the previous ones from that Sphere. The Attack bonus remains active for Titans that were previously healed by the Sphere until the Sphere leaves the battlefield.

Titans of Light Artifacts are similar to the Artifacts of Titans of Darkness that we’ve talked about in the previous post: the first and second Artifacts increase attack and defense of Titans of Light against Titans of Darkness, and in defense teams they are also protected from enemy Titans of Light; the third artifact increases Health and Attack of Titans of Light.

A quick reminder that you will be able to obtain Artifacts for new Titans in the Altar of Elements by opening Titan Artifact Spheres or by spending Emeralds. Artifacts will be leveled up with Essences of the Elements that are familiar to you.

And what about upgrading Titans themselves? You will be able to level up Titans and their Skins for Titan Potions and Titan Skin Stones, but the only way to get their Soul Stones at first we’ll be through special events that will take place in the game with the release of Titans

9.21 Skills of Upcoming Totems

We are ready to reveal the Skills of upcoming Totems of Darkness & Light!

  • Totem of Darkness conjures a Black Hole in the center of the enemy team. The Black Hole drags in enemies and damages them for 5 seconds. The closer the enemy Titans are to its center, the more damage they take.
  • Totem of Light conjures a Supernova on the battlefield, which charges for 5 seconds. During that time, allied Titans’ health can’t drop below 1. After that, the Supernova explodes, damaging all enemies.

A quick reminder that only two Titans of the same element will be enough to activate Totems of Darkness and Light.

You also asked if there will be the opportunity to get new Totems not only from the Altar of the Elements but also from Elemental Spirit Summoning Spheres. New Totems will not appear in existing Elemental Spirit Summoning Spheres — there will be new Summoning Spheres for the new Totems.

There are alternative ways to get current Summoning Spheres for existing Totems — you can get them as a reward during Seasons, during holidays, etc. In the future, there may be similar alternative ways of getting Summoning Spheres with new Totems.  In addition, there will be temporary offers in the game to buy new Totems at a great price.

Note: Terms and info presented in this post might become subject to change!

9.25 Q&A: Upcoming Titans & Totems

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about upcoming Titans and their Totems here!

  • Q: Will Dark and Light Titan Soul Stones appear in the Circle of Summoning and Titan Chests immediately after they are released?
    A: No. The Soul Stones of the new Titans will only be obtainable as part of dedicated special events. Dark and Light Titan Soul Stones might appear in the Circle of Summoning in the future, but we don’t expect that to happen in the months to come.
    The existing Titan Chests won’t contain Soul Stones of new Dark and Light Titans right after their release. It is still undecided whether Soul Stones of new Titans will appear in existing Chests sometime in the future or in the completely new Chests.
  • Q: Will I be able to get the new Titans’ artifacts in existing Artifact Chests right after the release?
    A: No. Once released, the new artifacts for Titans can only be obtained from the Altar of the Elements when opening Titan Artifact Spheres or purchased with Emeralds.
  • Q: Will the Elemental Tournament Shop sell fragments of the new artifacts for Elemental Tournament Coins?
    No. Artifact Fragments for the new Titans will not appear in the Elemental Tournament Shop immediately after they’re released.
  • Q: Will Dark & Light Titans be released separately during different events?
     Yes. The new Titans will be arriving over time. From late September to late November, 2 Dark Titans and a Totem will appear in the game, followed by 2 Light Titans and their Totem.
  • Q: Will I be able to obtain a Light Totem or Light Titan Artifact Fragments from Titan Artifact Spheres immediately after Dark Titans are released, or will I have to wait until the release of the Light Titans?
    A: These artifacts and Totems will be released alongside the first Dark Titan Keros. You’ll be able to obtain them at once, but you’ll have to wait for the arrival of their Titans to use them.
  • Q: Where will I be able to use two Totems at once? Can I do it in all game modes, or just in the Clash of Worlds?
    A: You’ll be able to create a team with two Totems in any mode featuring Titans, provided that at least one Dark or Light Totem is used.
  • Q: Will the new Titans appear in the Dungeon?
    We’re not currently planning to include the new Titans in the Dungeon enemy lineup, not even in rooms with Titans of different elements. However, we might still change our mind before the new Titans are released. If we do, we’ll let you know in a separate notice. That said, you’ll be able to include the new Titans in your team in any mode featuring Titans.

Note: Terms and info presented in this post might become subject to change!

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