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  4. Quest Strategy Guide for the Season
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Overview of Seasons

In Hero Wars, there are event quests in the form of seasons.

  • Each starts automatically when you reach a certain team level.
  • Each season lasts 30 days.
  • If you are in the middle of a season and reach the starting level for the next season, the next season will begin when the current one ends.
  • New seasons may be added. In that case, the release date of the season will be announced, and if you are not currently playing the season, it will start on the release date.
  • Press “Start” to start. Note that if you don’t press it, the game will continue to progress without being cleared.

What kind of season you have and what team level you need

What kind of season you have and what team level you need.
Each season and required team level As of 2023/6, there are 8 seasons.

  • Astral Season : Level 40
  • Elemental Season : Level 60
  • Ascension Season : Level 65, Level 85, Level 105 (three seasons)
  • Eternal Summer Season : Level 70
  • Nature Season : Level 75, Level 95, Level 108 (three seasons)
  • Champions Season : Level 80, Level 90, Level 106 (three seasons)
  • Frozen Treasure Season : Level 100
  • Cosmic Season : Level 107
  • Pet Season : Level 109

Ascension Season occurs 3 times. Each has different quests, but the prizes are the same.
Champion season occurs 3 times. Each has slightly different quests and prizes.
Nature Season occurs twice.

Reward Format

  • As you complete quests, the season level will increase, and you will earn rewards for each level.
  • There are two types of rewards for each level of the season: those that require gold tickets and those that are free.
  • Up to level 70 of the season, the rewards are fixed, and beyond that, they are like a route box for the season.
  • Each season has its own unique rewards.

Summary of rewards

  • Astral Season : For beginners. There are many initial enhancements for both heroes and titans.
  • Elemental Season ,Nature Season : All titans enhancement materials.
  • Ascension Season : General Ascension enhancements for heroes.
  • Eternal Summer Season : Mostly skin stones for heroes.
  • Champions Season : Equipments.
  • Frozen Treasure Season: All Light and Dark Titan strengthening materials, plus equipment treasure chests, etc. This is a commemorative edition and the contents are gorgeous!
  • Cosmic Season: All Light and Dark Titan strengthening materials, plus equipment treasure chests, etc.
  • Pet Season : All pets enhancement materials.

How to Use Rewards

  • If you do not receive your rewards, you will receive them in the mail at the end of the season.
  • Do not accept rewards for specific heroes or soulstones. You can use them for soulstone collection quests when there is another event.

Rewords List

Astral Season All Rewords

Elemental Season All Rewords

Ascension Season All Rewards

Rewords are the same for Ascension Season, Ascension Season 2 and Ascension Season 3.

Nature Season All Rewards

In principle, the prizes are the same for Nature Season and Nature Season 2. However, if you have a total of 18 fire, water, and earth totems, the reward will be adjusted downward to 1,000 titan artifact spheres from the Lesser Element Sphere in Nature Season 2 only.

Season of Nature 3

Quests are now only available for 14 days, and the main rewards have been changed to random, including light and dark rewards.

Champions Season All Rewards

Some prizes are different in Champions Season and Champions Season 2/3.

Champions Season
Champions Season 2
Champions Season 3

Frozen Treasure Season All Rewords

Cosmic Season Rewords

Pet Season All Rewords

Overrun Rewards

Once a quest has been conquered beyond the specified level, the prize thereafter will be a root box.

Ascension Season Overrun Rewards(Ascension Box)

Nature Season Overrun Rewards(Nature Box)

Champions Season Overrun Rewards(Champions Box)

Gold Tickets

Gold Ticket Overview

  • For each season, Gold Tickets for that season are sold.
  • Exclusive rewards and a fourth daily quest will be released.
  • If you buy Gold Tickets in the middle of a season after it has started, you will receive Gold Ticket rewards for the levels you have already completed.
  • If you buy Gold Tickets in the middle of the season, you will not be able to complete previous Daily Quests. For this reason, it is best to buy on the first day.
  • You can send Gold Tickets to your guild members.
  • The amount of Gold Tickets varies by season.
  • If you were to ask a Gold League player, “How do I get stronger?” I’m sure many of them would recommend the Gold Tickets, especially the Elemental Season Gold Tickets.

Important rewards of Gold Ticket

  • Astral Season : Skins and Super Titans
  • Elemental Season : Lesser Elemental Sphere (random Totem & definite Totem reset)
  • Ascension Season : General Ascension Enhancements
  • Eternal Summer Season : Limited Skins (Currently, there is no way to obtain them again)
  • Nature Season : Lesser Elemental Sphere
  • Champions Season : Rare Fair once Free.
  • Frozen Treasure Season : Ancient Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere (Dark or Light Totem & definite Totem reset)
  • Cosmic Season : Ancient Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere (Dark or Light Totem & definite Totem reset)
  • Pet Season : Gift of the Sanctuary

Reward Explanation

Lesser Elemental Sphere
Equipment Chest
Gift of the Dominion
Ancient Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere
Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere
Gift of the Sanctuary

Value of Gold Tickets

  • Astral Season : One of the most cost-effective in the game. Very effective for beginners to make a start. More effective than the Emerald x4 sale and Valkyrie’s Blessing, which are the best deals in the game.
  • Element Season, Nature Season : This is the most cost effective item for sale in the game, as it gives you the Lesser Element Sphere, an item worth 200,000 Emeralds. However, you must have at least two totems before you can use this item, and it will only enhance your Titan.
  • Ascension Season : Officially announced to be worth over 200,000 emeralds. In terms of cost-performance, it is more than three times the value of x4, equivalent to more than x14. However, the Ascension enhancement is not efficient, and in the short term, the enhancement efficiency is not as good as the cost performance. However, it is very effective in terms of training to the maximum.
  • Eternal Summer Season : The beach skins for Lian, Cleaver, Kai, and Artemis are only available with this ticket. However, compared to the other seasons, the Gold Ticket is not that beneficial. Different people judge this ticket differently.
  • Frozen Treasure Season : Ancient Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere (Dark or Light Totem & definite Totem reset)

Gifting Gold Tickets

  • Gold tickets can be given to guild members.
  • 30% off during Ascension Season, and a prize for the person who sends it in.
  • Only those who already have Gold Tickets can send them. Therefore, mutual exchange is not possible.
  • If you are acquaintances, you can get a discount by exchanging, but be careful of trouble.
  • There is a 14-day deadline for execution after purchasing a Gold ticket.

Gold Ticket Purchasing Techniques

  • Timing your Gold Ticket purchases to coincide with the timing of VIP acquisition quests at the event will allow you to use them to complete VIP acquisition quests!
  • If you do not purchase Gold Tickets on the first day of the season, we recommend that you complete the quests behind the scenes.

Back-to-back clearing of quests

  • The fourth daily quest, which is released by purchasing Gold Tickets, can be completed even before purchasing Gold Tickets.
  • The content of the quest and the status of completion will not be displayed on the screen, but whether or not the quest was completed will be determined on a daily basis.
  • If you purchase Gold Ticket after the fact, you will receive EXP by Mail depending on the execution status of this back-to-back clearing!
    If you do not purchase the ticket, you will not get the EXP for the back-cleared.
  • Please note that these invisible quests are not automatically completed.

Examples of VIP Quests

[Hero Wars Guide]Lessons on Love Quest2


  • There are bundles available for each season.
  • You can get the root box and level up the season.
  • Consider buying when you already have a Gold Ticket but can’t get the important prizes due to travel, etc.
  • Otherwise, you can use the Emerald x4 sale to strengthen your team instead of buying this bundle.

Ascension Season Bundle

Nature Season Bundle

Champions Season Bundle

Quest Strategy Guide for the Season

Quest Format

  • 4 daily quests, 2 3-day quests, and 2 7-day quests over a 30-day period
  • The fourth daily quest is released when you have a Gold Ticket.
  • The second of the 3-day quests will be released when the season reaches Lv1.
  • The second of the 7-day quests will be released when the season reaches Lv2.
  • No 7-days quests on days 29 and 30
  • If you prioritize getting to Lv2 by completing the daily quests on the first day of the season, the second 7-day quest will be released earlier, allowing you to proceed smoothly.
  • The timing for updating quests is the same as for the daily quests. Usually at 5:00 in the morning.
  • The quest start date may only exist for a quest completion period of 24 hours or less
  • If you did not receive the quest experience you completed, it will be sent to your Mail. It must be received by the end of the season.

The 31st Day Quest

  • Daily quests exist for the 31st day, the Frozen Treasure season.

Quests and Season Levels

  • When you complete a quest, you get EXP for the season, and your season level increases according to the EXP.
  • 350 EXP for daily quests, 550 EXP for 3-day quests, 1,050 EXP for Weekly quests
  • Since the third season, The amount of EXP required to increase your season level increases gradually, up to 1,000 EXP.

Season Levels and EXP

See below for actual tables and achievement guidelines.

Techniques for completing quests

* denotes items that require advance preparation

*Quests that require various coins such as Outland CoinAlways keep around 500 coins
Make xx purchasesBuy artifacts at the Elemental Tournament Shop to earn times
*Adventure quests, pet summoning questsKeep some portals in the mail that you received in the Mail
Adventure’s quest to get buffs and destroy the Herald’s EyeUsing raids, You can complete them efficiently without actually stepping on them

* The number of clears you get when raiding is the total number of clears that exist in the map you raided.
* For example, if you raid Adv11, there are 4 buffs in the MAP, so 4/5 clears.
* For example, if you raid Adv12, there are 2 buffs in the MAP, so 2/5 clears.
* You can get all the number of buffs even if you can’t step on them on the route in normal play.
Campaign questsMany quests are not raidable. All of them should be cleared individually before Raid
*Campaign quests that cost 500 EnergyOnce a month you will can get a gift code for 500 Energy, so store it in your mailbox beforehand
Defeat Dark Star in the CampaignRaidable. I recommend Chapter 5, Mission “Halt”. You may be able to get the Hand of Glory for 6 AP.
Defeat Phobos in the CampaignRaidable. I recommend Chapter 5, Mission “Hemlock Thicket”. You may be able to get the Flaming Heart for 6 AP.
Defeat monsters in Chapter 7 of the campaignRaidable. The mission “Mortal Wound” is recommended. It is the only place in Chapter 7 where you can get two purple equipment. The only way to get them is through a limited number of sources. Also, the mission “Training Fields can be completed at the same time as the quest to defeat Dark Star. The dragon shield is used frequently, but its availability is limited.
Defeat monsters in Chapter 8 of the campaignRaidable. We recommend the mission “Monolith of Deceit” or “Monolith of Enmity”. The loot is equipment of limited availability and high importance. Also, “Monolith of Enmity” can be completed at the same time as the quest to defeat Dark Star.
Arena questsDefend the arena with a single level 1 hero and wait a few hours. Once you get it, you’ll lose your rank
Campaign quests that require a specific heroEven if you haven’t trained your hero yet, there is still a way to do it. We’ll get it done with the help of the other four
Dungeon quests that require specific titansEven if you don’t have any titans trained, you can use the composite attribute to get the achievement with the other four
Quests in guild chatCan be done mostly via private message. You can also set up guild battles in PMs
*Skin Level up QuestDon’t use the Skin Stone, but leave some behind
Quest to raise the level of Elemental GiftEasy to complete by repeatedly 1Level-ing and resetting heroes you haven’t trained
Use 5 EXP potionsYou can clear any of them, so keep 5 for now
Quest for the Heroic ChestMostly requires emeralds. If you’ve already completed all the other quests, it’s a good idea to forgo them.
Get a Cleaver or Soul Coins does not count.
*Quests that can’t be done because of completed training, such as TowerThese are treated as auto-clear

The Quest to Win in the Arena

Once you have a weak defense team, give it a few hours. Your ranking will drop and you can easily accomplish your quest.

Recommended Missions Locations

Defeat Dark Star, Defeat Phobos

Defeat monsters in Chapter 7

Defeat monsters in Chapter 8

All Quests

I’ve listed them in calendar format.
For more information , please refer to the following.

Astral Season

Elemental Season

Ascension Season

Eternal Summer Season

Nature Season

Champions Season

Ascension Season 2

Champions Season 2

Nature Season 2

Frozen Treasure Season

Ascension season 3

Champions Season 3

Cosmic Season All Quests

Season of Nature 3 All Quests

Pet Season All Quests

Official FAQ

Introduction History

  • Astral Season : Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  • Elemental Season : Thursday, May 06, 2021
  • Ascension Season : Friday, December 03, 2021
  • Eternal Summer Season : Thursday, August 26, 2021
  • Nature Season : Friday, February 25, 2022
  • Champions Season : Friday, May 06, 2022
  • Ascension Season 2 : Monday, June 27, 2022
  • Champions Season 2 : Friday, August 12, 2022
  • Nature Season 2: Thursday, October 13, 2022
  • Frozen Treasure Season : Friday, December 30, 2022
  • Ascension Season 3 : Wednesday, March 01, 2023
  • Champions Season 3 : Monday, May 01, 2023
  • Cosmic Season : Thursday, June 01, 2023
  • Season of Nature 3 : Monday, July 03, 2023
  • Pet Season : Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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