[Hero Wars Guide]Seasonal Events

[Hero Wars Guide] Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

HW has regular events that are held each year at certain times of the year.

January-February: The Winds from the East

Chinese New Year. Lunar Skins is added.

February: Time to Love

Valentine’s Day. Romantic Skins will be added.

March: Ode to Beauty

Spring Skins will be added.

March: Spring Replicat

March: Anniversary!

Anniversary event. Quiz competition available.

April: Time for Pranks

Fancy dress Skins will be added. Event name is different every year.

April: Spring Rebirth!

Panel event. The frames are just lovely.

May-July: Blackbeard’s Legacy (Treasure Island)

Panel event. Held from May to July, with a variation each year.

June: Unity

Event celebrating America’s Independence Day, which is no longer held due to the war.

June: Dominion Day

Event held in place of Unity.

June-July: Summer Festival

Solar Skins are added. There is a dedicated store

August-September: Depths of Horror or Trial of Heavens

Dark Depths Skins or Celestial Skins will be added.

Depths of Horror

Trial of Heavens

August-September: Lore Festival

One-day events and quiz competition.

September: Autumn Festival

An event to get drunk. That’s it.

October: Spooky Festival

Demon Skins will be added. Dedicated store available.

November: Cyber-con

Panel event. Cybernetic Skins will be added.

December: Advent Calender

Held in 2022; it is undecided whether the event will be held in 2023 and beyond.

December: Winterfest

The biggest event of the Hero Wars. Winter Skins and New hero will be introduced.

About the Sale Event

Anniversary! , Blackbeard’s Legacy, Lore Festival, and Cyber-con will have sale events at the same time.

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