[Hero Wars Guide]Ode to Beauty

[Hero Wars]Ode to Beauty

About Ode to Beauty

  • A Medium event with seven quests.
  • Held annually around 3.8 to coincide with International Women’s Day.
  • Spring skins are added to three heroes in this event.
  • The main prizes are a treasure chest of skin stones and a small chest where you can choose the soul stone of the hero whose Spring skin is to be added.
  • These chests are useful for advancing the soulstone quests in other events.
  • The quest structure is the same as “The winds from the East” and “Time to Love”.
  • Only 2021 will be a four-day event. All other years: 3 days.
  • From 2022, the event name will be changed from “Fearless Maiden” to “Ode to Beauty”. The quests are the same.
  • Event rewards reviewed in 2023. The Soul Casket makes its first appearance in the game.

2024 Event Renewal

The Quest format and content has been updated.

Spring skin

About the addition of the Spring skin

  • Will be added to three heroes
  • Spring skins are available for all heroes at the same time the event is added.
  • After the event, you can still get Spring skin through normal means (Skin Stone or Bundle).
  • There is a Special shop, but its contents are the same as the Regular Shop, and there are no points.
  • There is no advantage to using the Special Shop.
  • If you need a new Spring skin, you can get it at your own pace when you need it.

About the additional heroes for the Spring skin

2023 : Sebastian, Isaac, Jet

The number of Spring skins increases by three every February.

[Hero Wars] Spring skin 2023

2022 : Dante, Corvus, Morrigan

2021 : Arachne, Ziri, Daredevil

2020 : Celeste, Nebula, Artemis

2019 : Astrid and Lucas, Jinger, Fox

2018 : Qing Mao, Dark Star, Aurora

Spring Skins and Arachne

The addition of the Spring Skin in 2021 was also the announcement of the rework of Arachne.
As a result, the almost useless Arachne took the world by storm with the Arachne Tank.
Sebastian’s debuff cut was almost always perfect, as he had been used in most defense formations until then.
The Arachne tank became one of the staple teams as a stun that Sebastian’s first move was not in time.

Spring Skins and Albanor

  • Only female heroes will have spring skins added with this event.
    * Male hero ban lifted from 2022.
  • Arbanor’s Spring Skin was added as soon as he was implemented, not as part of this event.
  • Albanor is a male hero because he is an eligible hero for the “Dominion Child” bundle

Sons of Dominion

Spring Skin and Barbarian Skin

  • The Barbarian Skin is the counterpart to the Spring Skin.
    * This view has now changed.
  • Spring Skin is for female heroes, while Barbarian Skin is for male heroes.
  • It is unknown if the Barbarian Skin will be added to Albanor.

Event Rewords

Spring Box and Blossom Box

Appeared in 2022 and 2021. Obtain the target hero’s Soul Stone x5 by choice.

In 2022 Blossom Box

I recommend Corvus Morrigan, which has a hard time collecting soul stones. Dante is popular but easily collected in Tower Shop.

In 2021 Spring Box

A means of obtaining the Soul Stone for Arachne and Ziri.
This is one of the limited ways, especially for those who belong to the Bronze League and Qualifying League.

Soul Casket

Appeared in 2023.

Hero Soul Stone Chest

Appeared in 2023.

Skin Stone Chest

Ode to Beauty Quest Contents

  • 1. Log in (MAX 3) : Achieved naturally by logging in to Hero Wars every day
  • 2. VIP Level (MAX 5) : Achieved automatically when you meet the VIP level
  • 3. Buy Emerald (MAX 50,000) : 
  • 4. Spend Emerald (MAX 60,000) : Efficient to use in Outland and Campaign
  • 5. Spend Energy (MAX 10,000) : 3 days x 3,000 + update time difference
  • 6. Open Outland Chest (MAX 80) : Open a Chest of Emerald x90 every day.
  • 7. Complete Event Quest (MAX 62) : In other words, this is an additional reward

Ode to Beauty Value Playing

  • Spend 50 Emeralds x2 (240Energy) every day during the event to advance the Soulstone Quest in the Campaign.
    Beyond that if you can afford it.
    Also, use the time difference in updates to stack 4 days.
    You can get rewards from Fearless Maidens quest, No 4.5.7.
  • Spend 90 emeralds x6 every day during the event to open the Outland Chest.
    If you can afford it, go beyond that.
    Also, use the time difference in updates to stack 4 days.
    You will be rewarded with Fearless Maidens quest, No 4.6.7.

All Quests

In 2023

In 2022

About Group Gift

Quite gorgeous. I hope ,You don’t forget to get it.


  • Fri, 08 March 2019 (3 days)
  • Fri, 06 March 2020 (3 days)
  • Fri, 05 March 2021 (4 days)
  • Tue, 08 March 2022 (3 days)
  • Tue, 07 March 2023 (3 days)

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