[Hero Wars Guide]Galahad’s Memories

[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories

Event Overview

  • Galahad’s Rework Event.
  • Simultaneous release of Galahad and Aurora’s Ascension Skills along with Thunder Skins!
  • Exclusive map, dedicated store, and daily quests available for a limited time.
[Hero Wars] 2023 Thunder Skins

Flavor Text

Take a deep dive into Galahad’s past and experience the struggles that made him as tough as Harunian steel. Help him cope with loss, find real friends, and even love in this epic story.

Official Movie

Official Guide

Play Guide

How to proceed with the dedicated map event

  • Acquire minion fight items and event store coins through quests and daily quests.
  • Engage in boss battles when time allows, considering playtime as a personal factor. Decide judiciously when to use buffs, maintaining a certain level of discretion.
  • When buffs are required, utilize buff materials obtained from minion fights, among other sources. Choose the “justice” option at the forge to craft buffs specifically for boss encounters.
  • In minion battles, focus on targeting minions that offer desired rewards. However, it is crucial to defeat the initially appearing minions to unlock subsequent ones. Consult the provided list for reference.
  • Exchange x6 minion battle items for one minion battle opportunity.
  • Victorious minion battles yield 1,500 coins and buff materials from the dedicated store.
  • Utilize the coins obtained from the special store for shopping purposes.
[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Event Map


  • Take a deep dive into Galahad’s past and fight in story-driven battles. You need Honor Scrolls to access these battles. Complete special and daily quests from the event map to obtain the scrolls.
  • This event lasts for 5 days. The storyline battles unlock one after the other. By winning these fights, you’ll be able to obtain Galahad Coins and Forge materials. The Forge has several buffs you can make out of those materials. Each of the storyline battles drops a certain material, so spend your Honor Scrolls wisely to collect the ingredients you need. 
  • One of the buffs available in the Forge is called Steel Justice. It’s exclusive to the Blood Vengeance battle. Every victory expends your active Steel Justice buff, increasing the level of your next battle. With each Blood Vengeance fight won, you receive a reward as part of the Glorious Victories quest. Forge Steel Justice buffs wisely to reach the highest level of Blood Vengeance! 
  • Quests reset at 02:00 a.m. GMT every day. The boss battle difficulty increases every time you win. If you don’t want to power-up bosses, defeat them during Raids. You’ll have 1 day after the event ends to spend your remaining Galahad Coins in the shop.
  • Prove your skills and lead Galahad to glorious victories!
[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Rules

Boss Battle

  • Aim to reach a point where victory is achievable without buffs.
  • There is no specific cost for the challenge, but the use of buffs needs to be approached with caution.
  • Quest rewards are given only the first time.
[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Boss

Optimizing Team Composition for Overcoming Low-Level Bosses

  • Up to a certain point, conquering a boss becomes more manageable when employing a team pet as the Axle.
  • Beyond a specific level threshold, you’ll need to Resemble, depending on Martha’s ability to dodge the boss using only Cain’s buffs for success.
  • For those looking to acquire buffs and defeat higher-level bosses efficiently within a limited number of attempts, this team formation remains effective.

Team Formation to Defeat a Level 240 Boss Without Buffs

  • While some role branches may necessitate buffs.
  • Dodge luck is essential.
  • Some report being able to beat level 250 with no buffs.

How to “Resemble”

  • Kayla’s attack activates Heidi’s Dodge buff.
  • Strive for a scenario where Martha sustains with Heidi’s Dodge buff for the initial 10 seconds.
  • Pressing the ESC key on the keyboard is faster than accessing the pause menu with the mouse!

What happens when you don’t win

  • Individual heroes have different pet assignments that they are patronizing.
  • You are not getting enough attempts or luck.
  • Currently, even if you select maximum power (max) in guild battles or combat training, only the ascension tree (role branches) will be set to the player’s current value. The same mechanism applies to this event. Consequently, depending on their training status, some players may find it challenging to secure a victory.

Beat Level 210 without buffs movie (Youtube)

Beat Level 220 without buffs movie (Youtube)

Recommended amount of Buffs

These are approximate values for the following team.

  • Boss level 130: Buff 0
  • Boss level 140: Buff 0
  • Boss level 150: Buff 0
  • Boss level 160: Buff 0
  • Boss level 170: Buff 0
  • Boss level 180: Buff 0
  • Boss level 180: Buff 0
  • Boss level 190: Buff 0
  • Boss level 200: Buff 0
  • Boss level 210: Buff 10 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 220: Buff 25 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 220: Buff 25 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 230: Buff 25 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 240: Buff 60 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 250: Buff 80 (min. 0)
  • Boss level 260: Buff 85
  • Boss level 270: Buff 100

Minion Battle

  • There are no penalties for laosing.
  • Select minions to battle based on the buffs you require.
  • Raiding is an option.
  • Defeating specific minions at designated levels yields quest rewards.
  • Quest rewards are available only the first time.
[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Minion

Team can beat Level 160 Forbidden Magic on auto

Team can beat Level 160 Demon Vanguard on auto

Team can beat Level 160 The Archdemon on auto

In the video demonstration, we tested this team with several individuals and successfully defeated the 160 Demon. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported challenges in overcoming the team using the suggested lineup. In such instances, consider trying the alternative team provided below as a viable option.

Beat 160 The Archdemon on auto Movie (Youtube)

Forge of Buffs

[Hero Wars Guide] Forge of Buffs_1
  • Craft buffs by combining buff materials acquired from minion battles, quests, and exclusive bundles at the blacksmith shop.
  • There are two categories of buffs: those applicable only in Arena, Grand arena, and Guild Wars during the event, and those designed for use in event boss battles.
  • Primarily, focus on crafting buffs intended for event boss battles. These buffs become essential if overcoming the boss proves challenging without additional support.

Arena Buff

Event Buff

[Hero Wars Guide] Forge of Buffs_3

Where to get event buffs

[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Event Map_buffs

Buff materials

IconBuff MaterialForge a Buffs
ChrometalArena Buffs
HeliocrystalArena Buffs
PyriteArena Buffs
FloraliteArena Buffs
AetheriaArena Buffs
AsteriumArena Buffs
SkyliteArena Buffs

Boss & Minions Rewards

Boss/MinionsRewardsWorth EmeraldsStart DayEnd Day
Ilyssa the Great1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Chrometal
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
Monster from the Woods1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Floralite
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
Admission Trial1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Aetheria
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
Forbidden Magic1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Asterium
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
Demon Vanguard1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Heliocrystal
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
The Archdemon1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Pyrite
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023
Demon Pit1,500 Galahad Coin
3 Skylite
1,140Fri, Dec. 15, 2023Wed, Dec. 20, 2023

Quests Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 5)
  • 2. Take place in the Arena (MAX: place 10 or higher)
  • 3. Buy Emerald (MAX 90,000)
  • 4. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 5. Complete missions on the special event map (MAX 25)
  • 6. Defeat the Boss (Level 160 The Archdemon)
  • 7. Open Outland Chest (MAX 250)
  • 8. Defeat the Boss (Level 270 Blood Vengeance)

About Ranked-in Quests in the Arena

  • Rankings from before the event commencement remain effective.
  • The use of event buffs can enhance your ranking chances. However, as the materials are shared, it’s important to consider that this might limit the availability of buffs for boss battles.
[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Quests_5

All Quests

Tasks and Rewards

Daily Quests

Day 1

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 2

  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Complete 5 mission
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 3

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Get 50 Soul Stone of any hero
  • Spend 500 Arena Coin
  • Collect 75 Titanite in the Guild Dungeon
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 4

  • Perform summons in the Soul Atrium (1)
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 5 time in the Arena or Grand Arena

Day 5

  • Complete 5 mission
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Daily Quest Notes

  • Five exclusive daily quests will appear daily on the dedicated map.
  • 4 x1 prize items and 1 x2 prize item each day. Get 6 items per day if you clear all of them.
  • The update timing of the exclusive daily quests is based on the system update time (11:00 a.m. Japan time).
  • It is safer to stand by and not do the daily routine before the event’s quests are updated.
  • Daily quest rewards not received from the map will be delivered to Mail, but there is a 3-day limit to receive them.
  • If you receive the Daily Quest reward by mail, the quest is completed when you receive it in the mail.
  • If you receive the reward by mail on the last day, you will not be able to complete “5. Complete the Daily Quest of the Special Map”.

Event Shop

Explanation of cost performance and other factors when converted to emeralds.

Galahad’s Arsenal

Group Gift

[Hero Wars] Gift from Gad

Day 2

[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Group Gift_

Day 4

[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Group Gift_

Day 5

[Hero Wars Guide] Galahads Memories Group Gift_

Event Bundle

Unshakable Honor

Forge Trove

After Event

Please note, that these buffs are available for the duration of this event only: the event, its quests, and the special map will disappear on December 20, 2 AM UTC, and the event shop will be there for one more day, till December 21, 2 AM UTC. Shortly after the shop’s closing, all the unused buffs or materials will be exchanged into Chests of Victory and sent to you in two mails.

  • 750 Galahad Coins = 1 Chest of Victory 
  • 3 Honor Scrolls = 1 Chest of Victory
  • 4 Materials of any type = 1 Chest of Victory

You will need to reload your browser to receive this.

Also, a due date will be set for receipt.

Receive rewards after the event

  • Unclaimed bundle shares will be available in your Mail for 30 days.
  • Unclaimed quest rewards will be available in your Mail for 3 days.

To receive an extra Chest of Victory

  • The above automatic conversion rounds up fractions. Leave it so that there is a fraction.
  • Finish the event by intentionally not receiving 1 Honor Scroll in the quest and leaving it on the quest.
  • Leave 1 Honor Scroll at hand as well. Preparation up to this point.
  • After the event shop is closed, reload your browser and you will receive 1 Chest of Victory in your e-mail based on 1 Honor Scroll that you left in your hand.
  • At this time, 1 Honor Scroll left on the quest will also be left in the mail. After receiving 1 Chest of Victory, receive 1 Honor Scroll and reload the browser.
  • Check your Mail, and you will receive the 1 Honor Scroll again.
  • This way, you can convert 2 Honor Scroll into 2 Chest of Victorys.
  • You can do the same thing with a fraction of a Galahad Coin.
  • If a guild member gives you a Bundle, you can aim to round up a fraction of the bundle in the same way.
  • [Note: This method may or may not work for some events. If it works, I’ll be happy…

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