[Hero Wars Guide]Galahad

[Hero Wars] Galahad

About Galahad

  • Hero who is practically treated as the protagonist in Hero Wars. He is weak against women. Often used in Pin Pulling Games, etc.
  • A physical attack tank with a combination of general attack, rushing performance, and bloodsucking.
  • Like Ishmael, he was designed as a tower-specific hero for beginners.

Galahad’s Strengths and Team Building Theory

  • Although he is a tank, he has a physical attack buff rather than an armor buff, and can provide firepower support to DPS in the front and back rows.
  • Almost the only tank/warrior combination. By also possessing bloodsucking, it can be said that it is an optimal member for both campaigns and towers.
  • In the battle against the enemy, it is easy to play an active role in the offensive side. What it lacks in armor penetration, it makes up for by combining it with Tristan.
  • The combination of the vampire buff and the ranged attack makes it possible to maintain HP even when Oliver is not patronized. However, above a certain level, support from Tristan and others is essential due to the lack of damage caused by the lack of armor penetration. This characteristic is especially meaningful for beginners under team lvl 100
  • The three elements of Pure damage, blood sucking, and support for physical attacks from the front are effective against Osh. 80,000 power is good enough for up to lvl 140.
  • The rush attack causes knockback to the opponent. As a result, the enemy’s ranged attack will not reach the rear of the ally, and in some cases, it can function as a counter to Jorgen and Black Celeste.
  • Rush attack skills have a self-debuffing cancel effect. It also works as a soft counter to heroes that debuff the lead, such as Andvari.
  • It works well with Adventure buffs effects and is very active with a barrage of overall damage when supported by armor penetration. Also, be wary if you are appearing as a defense team on a day when such buffs are available

Disadvantages of Galahad

  • Although he is considered to stand like a warrior, he does not have the armor piercing stats necessary for this. This tends to make it active only in the early stages of the game
  • It is designed to fight while recovering from bloodsucking. However, it lacks armor piercing stats and cannot inflict enough damage. As a result, blood sucking often does not work either. Effective in the early stages when both sides have low armor.
  • Although designed as a tank, there is virtually no element of protection for the rear guard. It does not even have an armor buff from the first artifact. Therefore, it is easy for only you to remain in the end and annihilate the rear guard. If this happens, he will not be able to receive armor piercing support, the blood sucking will become dysfunctional, and Galahad itself will finally self-destruct. This trait is why he is called the “self‐conceit tank”.
  • Aurora fights with magic ranged attacks while protecting with evasion buffs and magic reflexes. Galahad, on the other hand, fights with physical ranged attacks while protecting himself with bloodsucking. These two are designed to be a pair of attacking tanks for each other. However, Aurora has magic penetration stats and can protect her rear guard with evasion buffs. In contrast, Galahad has no armor piercing stats and no skills to protect the rear guard.
  • Combined with Tristan, Galahad can play a certain role on an offensive team, but on a defensive team, he can be easily defeated due to his self‐conceit style.
  • Tristan was prepared as a partner to strengthen Galahad. However, the more user-friendly combination of Aurora and Tristan is more realistically active
  • Most tanks can be double-tanked, with Astaroth usually positioned second. However, Galahad is arranged behind Astaroth in the sequence, making double-tanking not feasible. Although they eventually overtake each other due to a rush, the situation often takes a negative turn before that happens, so it’s advisable not to rely on this strategy. ( > Order Rank)
  • Galahad has Pure damage. However, it is not that much of a threat in terms of activation pace and power. It is often more of an energy presenter. This point is expected to be improved in the rework.



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