[Hero Wars Guide]Ishmael

[Hero Wars]Ishmael

Ishmael Overview

  • Ishmael became one of the strongest DPS in the 2022 reworking.
  • Attack style that takes advantage of Critical x4 and crushes from the front.
  • Weak against Helios until he releases his Ascension skill, but once he gains 6 seconds of invincibility to magic, his power relationship changes.
  • Converts damage received with low Armor into Gauges, and then uses the Ultimate Skill to repeatedly suck blood and invincible activation. If this state can be maintained like an infinite engine, it is strong.
  • Easy to become unsinkable with acceleration, bloodsucking, and invincibility if you are the last one left
  • Ishmael tanks are possible due to Oliver’s patronage.
  • Easy to combine with Chava, Fafnir, Dante, Sebastian, Iris, and Lian. Fafnir in particular can compensate for the lack of Armor Penetration.

Ishmael’s Team Theory and Popular Formations

Flavor Text

How does it feel to kill a parent who wanted to sacrifice their own child to evil gods? Ishmael experienced this first-hand. Defeating his father wasn’t easy: the sorcerer’s dark soul remained with his son. Since then Ishmael has been leading a double life, fighting the inner demon.



1. Awakening

  • Assumes a demonic form that increases critical hit chance by 1,300(Level x10) and attack speed by 200%. Ishmael starts to gradually lose energy;\n when it reaches 0, the demonic form dissipates.

2. Phantom

  • Ishmael dodges physical attacks for 6 seconds, gaining bonus energy for each dodge.
  • Chance to dodge lowered if the target’s level is higher than 130.
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds.

3. Dark Craft

  • Passive skill. Increases vampirism (health recovery by damaging enemies).
  • Vampirism: 75% (Level x 0.576924)%

4. Storm Blades

  • Every 3rd hit stuns the opponent for 1 second.
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.

Ascension Skills

Elusive Phantom

  • When the Phantom skill is active, Ishmael dodges both physical and magic attacks.

Brutal Awakening

  • When in his demonic form, Ishmael deals x4 damage with critical hits instead of x2.




Main hero stat : Agility

Main Role : Warrior

Order Rank






Crit hit chance



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