[Hero Wars Guide]Fafnir

[Hero Wars]Fufnir

Fafnir Overview

  • A hero introduced in 2022.
  • Similar to Nebula, he is a support-type hero who doesn’t normally attack. However, unlike Nebula, his skills also don’t deal damage, making him highly resistant to Corvus.
  • Like Andvari, he excels in providing Armor buffs, Barrier support, and Stun effects.
  • – He offers strong Armor Penetration support for Agility heroes with Stun abilities. He synergizes well with Ishmael K’herk, and is also beneficial for Dark Star, Daredevil, Fox, Astrid, and Arachne.
  • The condition for activating Armor Penetration Support seems to apply not only to stuns caused by skills but also to stuns resulting from heavy damage. Hence, a common strategy is to pair Fafnir with Dante, whose skill has a high damage multiplier.
  • Fafnir doesn’t attack and is usually positioned behind Lian, serving as an extension of Lian Solo.
  • While Fafnir is vulnerable to Amira when alone, this isn’t much of a problem when combined with a strong attack DPS hero.
  • The instant death evasion only applies to a single target.
  • Barrier prevents gauge accumulation from Dodge, making it slightly incompatible with Dodge-oriented heroes.
  • The stun from Fafnir’s first skill and the instant-death avoidance are useful regardless of Fafnir’s upgrades. Therefore, there are situations where Fafnir can be used effectively in offensive teams, even with minimal upgrades.

Flavor Text

The legendary smith, Fafnir, has never shared the aggressive nature of his bloodthirsty kinsmen and thus, has always been treated as an outcast. After meeting the heroes of the Dominion, he joined the Way of Honor alongside the other Guardians.



1. Blacksmith Mastery

  • Stuns all enemies for 2 seconds and grants the effect from the Runic Blade skill to all allies. If an ally is protected by a Runic Shield, all allies receive the shield’s effect in the same amount.
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.

2. Runic Shield

  • Fafnir targets a random ally and begins using his basic attacks to forge a Runic Shield for them. Its durability increases with each hit. The shield activates if the target hero takes damage that lowers their health to below 25%. The shield absorbs any damage when active.
  • The Runic Shield protects the target ally from lethal damage once per battle.
  • Heroes with the Agility main stat are prioritized when selecting an ally.
  • Shield durability with each hit: 30% Physical attack + Level x 10
  • Shield Max: 250% Physical attack + Level x 400

3. Runic Blade

  • Enchants the weapon wielded by the ally Fafnir is forging a Runic Shield for, increasing damage from their physical attacks for 8 seconds.
  • Extra Damege: 40% Physical attack + (Level + 20) x 25

4. Knowledge of Flaws

  • When an allied hero stuns an enemy, Fafnir casts a Knowledge of Flaws Seal on them for 10 seconds, boosting their armor penetration stat. When the hero stuns an enemy again, the Seal duration is reset. The armor penetration bonus stacks up to 5 times.
  • Armor penetration bonus(x1): 3.5% Physical attack + (Level + 40) x 20
  • Armor penetration bonus(x5): 17.5% Physical attack + (Level + 40) x 100




Main hero stat : Intelligence

Main Role : Warrior

Order Rank






Crit hit chance



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