[Hero Wars Guide]Dante

[Hero Wars]Dante

About Dante

  • Since the rework in 2021 and until 2023, it is recognized by many players as the strongest rated DPS.
  • The first skill that throws spears at 4 people from in front of the opponent is powerful. Damage is calculated with a high power of 220% standard of physical attack power. However, armor penetration can easily become a bottleneck.
  • Patronizing Cain, the first skill and the first artifact can be activated consecutively. When the conditions are met, a state called Dante Warriors, in which 220% damage x4 is continuously triggered, occurs.
  • When deployed, pet Cain needs to be upgrade without compromise, giving priority to everything else.
  • Strong mainly in defense, but also used frequently in attack on Dante Tank or with Yasmine.
  • Not a good giant-killing like K’herk, but strong against lower-ranked opponents.
  • It is dependent on the status of evasion to dodge physical attacks by the opponent. Needs to be at least as good as the opponent to show its performance.
  • Magic damage, Pure damage, and debuffs cannot be dodge. However, many of them are off-target while staying in the air, so its strength is that it can practically evade them.
  • Has excellent dodge performance, but is not good at dodge heroes himself. In a Dante showdown, the team with superior debuffing usually has the advantage.
  • Struggles with weak armor penetration during training. The strength dimension changes when he can compensate for it by canting his shooting branches and ascension enhancement.

Flavor Text

Everything has its price, even the human soul. But our hero loves a bargain: he’ll gladly take it for free. Don’t worry, Dante will take care of your soul as if it was his own!


Instrument of Fate

  • Dante throws 4 spectral spears at multiple enemies, dealing physical damage and pushing the targets back.
  • Damege: 220% Physical attack + Level x 100


  • Increases all allies’ Dodge by 5 seconds.
  • Bonus: 18% Physical attack + Level x 3


  • When dodging damage over 5% of total health, Dante conjures a spectral spear and throws it at the nearest enemy.
  • Damege: 110% Physical attack + Level x 100

Shackles of Weakness

  • When a spectral spear from Instrument of Fate or Retribution hits an enemy, Dante decreases the target’s main stat by 5 seconds.
  • Decreases: 7% Physical attack + Level x 8 + 28



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