[Hero Wars Guide]Which DPS should you upgrade in 2023

[Hero Wars Guide]The Best DPS on 2023


Which heroes should you choose and upgrade in Hero Wars 2023? Here, we will discuss the main candidates for damage dealers, also known as DPS, to assist you in selecting the heroes you should focus on training.

In the early stages of the game, concentrating on DPS makes it easier to win. Even in the final stages, DPS remains a vital attribute. For instance, the battle of the Max Power class can have a significant impact, even if you don’t exclusively train in the Ascension tree.



  • Since the 2020 rework, Dante has been considered the strongest evasive physical DPS.
  • While he takes time to reach his full potential, his skill performance is high, making him a strong choice even for beginners.
  • He synergizes well with Rufus, Astaroth, and Corvus and can also function as a tank.
  • Pet Cain is a must-have, but the strategy of pet reinforcement can be a bit challenging.
  • Dante excels in defensive battles and performs exceptionally against lower-ranked opponents.


  • After the 2022 rework, Ishmael became the strong physical DPS. He, along with Dante, stands as the top choices.
  • He have invincible skill against both physical and magical attacks and boasts incredible sustain due to his 4x damage blood-sucking recovery.
  • With a refillable skill gauge, he is difficult to chase, making him highly popular in guild fights and CoW defense.
  • Ascension release is a must for his main skill. Additionally, his partner, Fafnir, is essential. The training hurdle is high.
  • Even before learning Ascension Skill, Ishmael is highly suitable for tower attacks and guild raids below level 150, making him an easy choice for beginners.


  • Iris, a powerful wizard specializing in battles against other players, excels in overwhelming opponents with her frontal firepower, except when facing Rufus, who is her counter. In case with Rufus, Iris needs Morigan.
  • Obtaining her soul stone is challenging, though.
  • Unlike Dante and Ishmael, she requires careful consideration, as her weakness is being hit. Team composition should account for this vulnerability.


  • Heidi is a dodge-type hero. Despite having the weakest Health and firepower, Heidi excels as a top pure-damage hero, fending off most physical DPS with unique dodge skills.
  • Due to her status, she faces challenges in the early stages. Nevertheless, she can usually defeat everyone except K’arkh and Dante.
  • Heidi requires more attention compared to Iris, but as a Dante hunter, Heidi can neutralize most Dante teams.


  • Jhu is the second DPS hero with a high aptitude for training. Notably, he can be used effectively with minimal investment in color and skill level.
  • While his performance against opponents in the base specification is low, he has the good teams to solidly defeat Dante and Ishmael, making him viable for Guild Wars.
  • Best hero in non-pvp game mode. Players who prioritize guild raids and adventures over versus battles often strengthen Jhu as their primary DPS. ( > Reference article: Official Ranking)


  • Recommended as the second DPS alongside Jhu. Orion can be used effectively with minimal investment in color and skill level.
  • Orion possesses two distinct features: excellent user-friendliness and the ability to excel in non-player scenarios.are any further adjustments you’d like me to make. It is an excellent choice when seeking to incorporate magic damage as a primary attack strategy.
  • It’s important to note that Isaac, a popular support hero, and Isaac is a hard counter to Orion. Therefore, choosing Orion as your first option may present several challenges.
[Hero Wars]Orion

To conclude

  • Heroes not mentioned in this article also possess their own unique qualities.
  • Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose heroes with numerous active applications to gain an advantage in the game.
  • We hope this introduction will assist you in making your selection.


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