[Hero Wars Guide]Best Heroes 2023

[Hero Wars Guide] Best Heroes 2023

Who is best heroes?

Hero Wars is a game without an absolute powerhouse presence. However, the occasional updates also result in varying strengths and weaknesses. So, what is considered the “Best” for most players as of 2023? I will elaborate through three main stories and an additional bonus. If this helps fulfill your desire to uncover the strongest, it would be most fortunate. Keep in mind, though, that this is a consensus among many rather than an unequivocal truth.

In short, for 2023, Dante and Ishmael can be dubbed the top two heroes among all. Let’s delve into the explanation below.

Is Dante Still the “Best”?

  • Up until the first half of 2022, Dante could be seen as an uncontested champion, but diverse strategies have been devised for various team compositions.
  • However, as a majority of players predominantly use Dante, the situation has led to a state where deploying Dante in defense often results in opponents lacking effective offensive strategies, leading to a high probability of successful defenses.
  • Furthermore, when paired with Rufus, Dante contributes to a significant defensive advantage against major DPS heroes such as K’arkh, Yasmine, and Iris.

Conventional templates do not always hold true.

[Hero Wars Guide] Best Hero Dante

Ishmael’s Strength

  • In the latter part of 2022, Ishmael experienced a transformative resurgence, emerging as a formidable DPS hero following his rework.
  • His redesign endowed him with near-constant invincibility against both physical and magic damage, quadruple critical damage output, and a potent instant life-drain skill.
  • In the present landscape, top-tier guilds prioritize Ishmael over Dante due to his ability to self-sustain and repel opponents with resilience, especially given the challenge of mounting a counterattack after Ishmael successfully defends.

In 2nd attacks, he often transforms as soon as the battle begins.

[Hero Wars Guide] Best Hero Ishmael

Dante vs. Ishmael: Which is Stronger?

  • In a direct clash, Dante generally holds the advantage due to compatibility, although specific cases can yield varying outcomes.
  • While Ishmael garners favor among top players in terms of utilization, Dante’s accessibility and suitability across various arenas make him a compelling option.
  • Strategies involving Ishmael can effectively neutralize Dante’s dominance, underscoring that crowning Dante as the definitive champion is somewhat misleading.

Example of a moderately effective attack pattern.

[Hero Wars Guide] Best Hero Sumple

Bonus: Iris’s Role

  • Intriguingly, Iris diverges from the physical DPS focus of Dante and Ishmael, instead wielding undodgeable pure damage as her primary offensive tool.
  • Though her lack of durability poses a challenge to her defensive performance, offensively, Iris excels, boasting greater potential than her counterparts.
  • Her appeal to beginners arises from her cost-effective operation and competitive prowess against opponents, unless facing adversaries equipped with Rufus. Successful utilization depends on precise team composition.
[Hero Wars]Iris


In Hero Wars, the dynamic landscape challenges the idea of a singular supreme hero. While Dante’s legacy remains, Ishmael’s resurgence and Iris’s unique strengths bring balance to the game. To achieve victory, understanding each hero’s dynamics is vital. This exploration serves as your guide to mastering Hero Wars, providing insights and strategies for success.

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