[Hero Wars Guide]Iris

[Hero Wars]Iris

About Iris

  • A warlock who does not do magic attacks. Like Yasmine, a pure damage attacker based on physical damage.
  • Attack style in which the second skill rapidly builds up a gauge with physical damage from a general attack, while the first skill pulls out the soul of the opponent’s first hero.
  • The first skill inflicts pure damage to the opponent via the soul, but the soul itself is a mechanism that mainly inflicts physical damage. For this reason, like Galahad Yasmine Keira, it is difficult to be active in the physical damage disable squares of the adventure. It is also unable to play in pure damage disable squares, so its suitability for adventure is low.
  • Counter to all tanks. Extremely strong against aggressive tanks, especially Aurora and Corvus. However, only Rufus does not die from pure damage. This makes Rufus, conversely, a hard counter to Iris. To beat Rufus in Iris, you need the support of Morrigan or Jet.
  • Very powerful versus DPS, and its counter Rufus has spread rapidly because of Iris’s appearance.
  • Double DPS with Dante or Heidi is strong and used a lot.
  • Punching magic that uses physical damage. Works well with Morrigan Cornelius of the same type.
  • More versatile than other top DPS, such as Dante and Ishmael, in the fight against people. For this reason, it is used a lot, especially in attack teams.
  • Soul-draining attacks virtually nullify the opponent’s armor. This makes it easy to take advantage of other heroes’ physical attacks, and can be used as an alternative when armor penetration buffs are needed.
  • Iris is quite weak against hits. Needs care type. Patron of Oliver and blood buff of Dorian are especially effective.
  • Because there are many general attacks, it is easy to be countered by Yasmine and Lian.
  • Outside of the versus game, there are many less suitable opponents. Not completely useless, but not often used.

Flavor Text

Gifted and audacious in equal measure, Iris used to teach rookie sorcerers the art of magic, but her students’ unequivocal adoration could never sate her ambitions. In her pursuit of the arcane, she stole the ancient Umbra tome from the Archdemon’s private library only to end up trapped within the book for years to come. Released at last and forever bound to the dark arts, Iris has emerged as a warlock!


Expose Soul

  • Iris exposes an unprotected part of the Soul in the nearest enemy’s body for 13 seconds. All damage taken by the Soul is transferred to its owner as pure damage.
  • Max health of the exposed Soul: 912,710 (200% Health + Level x 350 + 100)

Otherworldly Creature

  • Summons a familiar next to the farthest enemy on the battlefield. The familiar then makes its way back to Iris, biting enemies along the way. Each successful bite deals more damage than the last.
  • Damage for the first bite: 51,638 (37% Magic attack + Level x 65)
  • Extra damage for each bite: 13,755 (9% Magic attack + Level x 25)

Demonic Synergy

  • Upon returning to Iris, the familiar grants her the Soul Fury charges accumulated by successful attacks, boosting her next basic attack.
  • Extra damage for each charge: 43,703 (35% Magic attack + Level x 20 + 650)

Seed of Destruction

  • Iris partly absorbs the health of all enemies on the battlefield and conjures a Seed of Destruction. The Seed is then launched at the nearest enemy, dealing physical damage equal to the total health absorbed.
  • Health absorbed from each enemy: 39,581 (25% Magic attack + Level x 80 + 3,200)



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