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[Hero Wars] Mojo

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  • The young shaman Jhu tried to save, despite being banished from his tribe.
  • Reworked in 2022, this update slightly boosted his skill stats, enabling him to perform better in combat. 
  • He’s particularly active in boss battles and, as a mage, often proves more effective than Orion.

Mojo’s Strengths and Team Building Theory

  • His fourth skill applies a debuff “Hex” dealing additional damage to a random target. The maximum debuff effect, capped at 65%, depends solely on the skill level. This debuff triggers automatically at the start of combat and persists even after Mojo’s demise, ensuring full effectiveness with skill level cultivation.
  • In situations where there is only one boss, such as Outland and Adventures, the debuff “Hex” will always target that one person. For this reason, the 30,000 power Mojo is often more effective than the main hero, who is not suited for boss fights. Even F2P players should only increase their 4th level in preparation for boss fights.
  • He serves as an excellent counter against Brog the Conqueror in Outland.
  • His first skill randomly target enemies. When facing a single boss, all projectiles from both skills hit the boss, proving extremely effective against targets like Seymour and Corrupted Cleavers.
  • Both skills unleash barrages of magic attacks. Patronizing Biscuit extends the debuff effect to all projectiles, countering heroes like Sebastian effectively.
  • Due to numerous attacks and magic damage, dodging is impossible, making him a viable counter against heroes like Heidi.
  • His prolonged magic attacks easily bypass Ishmael’s opponent’s invincibility, acting as a counter to Ishmael.
  • His second skill provides moderate healing to all allies, ensuring stability in guild raids.
  • In battles against Osh, although spells are nullified due to debuff cancellation, Mojo still inflicts magic DPS. Copying from Faceless proves useful in this scenario.
  • Slightly lacking in magic attack status. he synergizes well with heroes boasting primary artifact magic attack buffs like Celeste and Albanor.
  • He pairs effectively with Dorian‘s blood-sucking buffs due to his high number of attacks.
  • With fewer opponents, attacks become more random and dense, ideal for eliminating the last remaining tank and healer (except Rufus, who is immune to magic).

Disadvantages of Mojo

  • All three skills target random enemies, making strategic evolution challenging and unreliable. This randomness hinders efforts to secure certain victories and complicates testing during combat training.
  • His magic attacks comprise multiple random hits, often serving as an energy dispenser.
  • Despite possessing a magic penetration buff, he’s less practical as a buffer compared to heroes like Orion and Polaris, whose attacks evolve rapidly.
  • His fourth skill “Hex” is easily countered by heroes like Sebastian and is only activated automatically at the start of combat, with no subsequent activations during battle. Moreover, it’s nullified in fights against Osh due to its debuff nature.
  • Despite being in the middle guard, he’s susceptible to hits due to low armor. While he has an armor skin, training him is often futile.
  • He can be used as a counter to Sebastian, but Sebastian is often placed as physical DPS support. And Mojo is especially vulnerable to physical attacks. It is easy to fall into the pattern of getting knocked down by the opponent’s DPS without being able to do anything, and the counter fails.
  • For being so vulnerable to hits, his attack development is a bit slow. It needs care. However, it is difficult to form a team that can effectively protect Mojo, and he is often unable to do so. When attacking against Dante or K’arkh, it is easy to be defeated before the attack. Deployment is a reasonable situational choice.
  • His vulnerability to hits and consistent stream of magic damage make him an easy target for Isaac, rendering him unsuitable for defensive roles.
  • While he can serve as a DPS against Osh, he doesn’t excel in this role and isn’t a high-priority target for training, even for guild raid personnel.
  • While he excels as a DPS in boss battles, there are limited instances where Mojo is indispensable. Skill level training alone suffices in most cases, resulting in low priority for overall training.
  • He’s best suited for training his skill level and deploying as needed. Attempting more may lead to dissatisfaction with resource allocation, given the current environment.
  • Overall, he ranks lowest among magic DPS heroes.



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