[Hero Wars Guide]Sebastian

[Hero Wars]Sebastian

About Sebastian

  • Probably the most popular hero if you take the statistics of heroes upgraded by all players above a certain power in Hero Wars
  • A support hero with two roles: debuff cut and critical support.
  • In a defense team, many people put Sebastian first.
  • He has a very good debuff cut performance, and the range of victory changes greatly depending on whether he possesses it or not. Especially when fighting Arachne, Jorgen, and Lian, Sebastian’s presence is extremely important.
  • If you prioritize raising Health and speed first, you can put it into actual battle with comparatively low power.
  • The first artifact is increased critical hit rate. Therefore, various critical support skills are compatible with Dante, K’arkh, Keira, Iris, etc., who do not originally have criticals.
  • Opponents are useful both offensively and defensively. Also, campaigns and guild raids are widely used.
  • Although it is originally a support role for physical teams, its debuff cut is so effective that it is often used by magic teams as well.
  • If placed in the fourth position, it will be targeted by the faceless. Therefore, it is standard to place it in the third position in defense.
[Hero Wars]Sebastian

Flavor Text

Fingers strum the strings. A chord, then another! The sounds knock you down like a young beauty’s gaze or an enemy’s pickaxe. The rhythm is the resonant clicking of heels or stray buckshot. The melody is more intoxicating than royal wines, than blood lost by a soldier for the world’s fate. Sebastian is well aware of the great power of art. Music is his weapon!


Ode to Serenity

  • Removes all debuffs from the allied team and conjures a shield that prevents debuffs from being applied 15 times.
  • Chance to protect from a debuff is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.

Battle Song

  • Increases the critical hit chance for all allies that have that stat for 5 seconds.
  • Extra critical hit chance: 122.493 (0.1% Physical attack + Level x 0.2 + 15)%

Striking Solo

  • Ally critical hits deal extra pure damage while they’re affected by Battle Song.
  • Extra pure damage: 123.792 (0.12% Physical attack + Level x 0.2 + 4)% of the critical damage dealt.

Public Idol

  • Sebastian enters combat with 74.488 (0.0595% Physical attack + Level x 0.2 + 8)% Energy

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