[Hero Wars Guide]Jorgen

[Hero Wars] Jorgen

About Jorgen

  • Jorgen is the younger brother of Lars Krista, a dark magician.
  • His first skill provides an exceptionally strong gauge inhibition, especially effective in battles involving beginners.
  • He is a cost-effective hero that beginners should consider using in combination with Martha. Additionally, he excels in the Clash of Worlds (CoW).

Jorgen’s Strengths and Team Strategy

  • Jorgen requires relatively low power for practical deployment and proves effective in a variety of situations once the 4th skill level is developed.
  • Overdeveloping stats like the 3rd skill, HP, and armor can lead to diminishing returns. However, by avoiding excessive investment in these areas, he can be managed cost-effectively.
  • Besides specific crucial stats, most others have limited impact. While magic attack strength increases with investment, its influence on win rate is modest, allowing it to be postponed if necessary.
  • Jorgen is an optimal choice for beginners to include in the Grand Arena as a defense member.
  • In cases where a Jorgen is underdeveloped and at risk of swift defeat, Axel’s Patron can offer a partial solution.
  • He is highly effective against most opposing teams, except those employing Sebastian or Julius.
  • If the opponent relies on Khorus to negate debuffs, Jorgen’s debuffs are unstoppable, providing a strong counter against Khorus formations.
  • He synergizes well with Faceless, creating a formidable debuff-oriented team when combined with Arachne.
  • Due to his first artifact being a magic attack, Jorgen aligns better with a magic-based team. For those aiming for Pure damage or Physical damage, Iris is a suitable choice.
  • Heroes with a tough mid-guard like Jorgen are a limited heroes, making him an asset in endurance-oriented teams.
  • Despite using magic attacks, Jorgen lacks magic penetration, resulting in relatively lower damage output. Isaac poses a challenge as a counter. An exception arises when CoW engineers defend with heroes like Arachne. While the firepower increases, a degree of counterplay remains viable.
  • The first skill’s performance is set at 60% of magic attack, higher than other ranged magical skills. When supported by magic penetration buffs, this can lead to surprisingly high damage output, known as the “Jorgen cannon.” Although not always practical, it adds a unique narrative element to gameplay.
  • By activating the first skill in tandem with Faceless, Jorgen can deal substantial damage across the entire opponent’s team, commonly referred to as the “copy Jorgen cannon.”
  • Employing a Yolgan Tank strategy by placing him first can activate skills preemptively, although successful execution is limited. This approach proves effective against opponents utilizing Rufus Dante employ Khorus to counteract debuffs.

Disadvantages of Jorgen

  • While his main stat is power, it doesn’t synergize well with his skills, often rendering him less effective in prolonged battles.
  • His dependence on status effects is minimal, making it easy to feel that the resources invested in training him may not be justified.
  • The first skill boasts a high damage multiplier, but Jorgen lacks magic penetration, limiting its potential as a major source of firepower. Additionally, ranged attacks typically affect only 3-4 out of 5 opponents within range. This range limitation can be mitigated with synergy from heroes like Faceless.
  • The first skill has a significant activation delay, rendering it ineffective if Jorgen is stunned during this period. When placed on defense, a skilled player can manually target him with heroes like K’arkh, potentially neutralizing his impact.
  • The first skill prioritizes characters in close proximity, which can lead to complete neutralization by heroes like Yasmine. Similarly, he may struggle against heroes like Kayla and Luther for the same reason.
  • The first skill has no effect on heroes without a gauge, rendering all of Jorgen’s skills ineffective against Isaac and Astrid.
  • The barrier provided by the second skill is relatively fragile and easily broken, often resulting in limited effectiveness.
  • The second skill’s barrier can accelerate enemy skills, potentially triggering a foxfire if the opponent has Satori, which can instantly eliminate an ally.
  • The third skill transfers the tail-end damage from the opponent, which, if inadvertently leveled up, can redirect damage towards the end of the opponent’s team, making it challenging to secure victories. Depending on the team’s composition, it may be more advantageous to leave this skill less developed.
  • Jorgen’s debuffs are potent but activate less frequently, making them susceptible to prevention by Sebastian. Careful consideration is needed when using Jorgen against teams featuring Sebastian to ensure his effectiveness.
  • He excels primarily in battles against opponents and may have limited utility in other contexts.

Flavor Text

  • You are ready to learn arcane knowledge, disciple. But first prove your loyalty to Darkness. Take your brother’s life, and his immortal soul!
  • the wizard yelled. But he, nor anyone else, could have predicted how this tragedy would end…


Torment of Powerlessness

  • Jorgen summons a Skull to the enemy’s front line which deals magic damage to nearby heroes. Affected enemies cannot gain energy for 9 seconds.
  • Magic Damege: 60,443 (60% Magic attack + Level x 100)

Cycle of Energies

  • Protects an ally with a magic shield. The ally will gain energy at a doubled rate until the shield is destroyed.
  • The shield can absorb 71,600 (70% Magic attack + Level x 125)  damage of any type.


  • Jorgen curses everyone on the enemy team, making the furthest enemy the target of the curse. Physical damage taken by heroes on the enemy team will be redirected to the target of the curse for 10 seconds.
  • This skill redirects all physical damage to enemies level 130 and lower. Only a part of the damage is redirected to higher level enemies.

Tainted Wounds

  • With every attack Jorgen steals some of the affected enemy’s energy.
  • Energy stolen: 110 (Level + 20)



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