[Hero Wars Guide]Martha

[Hero Wars]Martha

About Martha

  • Popular healer used the most from 2020 to 2023.
  • 2nd to 4th skills are all HP recovery. A genuine healer.
  • The main acceleration skill is designed to perform only at the skill level. Because of this feature, if only the skill level is raised, at the very least, it will do the job.
  • Basic stats have a health distribution and can easily function even with a lack of upgrade.
  • Recommended as a first healer once you start the game.
  • Also useful in non-PVP game modes. Campaign, Adventure, and Guild Raid are also useful for Martha’s acceleration skill and armor buff.
  • As you further increase your magic attack, you will be in the realm of healers with the highest health recovery.
  • She is placed in the rearmost position among all heroes. Therefore, combined with its toughness, it functions as a counter to Jhu. Also useful as a counter to Albus attack.
  • Since its first skill is not a recovery skill, it is not easily affected by Astaroth‘s energy burning and Jorgan’s gauge inhibition.
  • Hero as a suicide attack in campaign bosses and against Seymour.
  • Attack speed and skill activation (health recovery) are all slow paced. Both offense and defense are not good for immediate effect.
  • Soul Stone cannot be obtained from campaigns or stores. A hero whose availability is somewhat limited. Can be obtained at irregularly held Demon Dolls. Candidate for Hero Soul Stone Chest replacement.
[Hero Wars]Martha

Flavor Text

A special type of tea grows in the woods of Zarakkar. It grants longevity and heals the most dangerous wounds. Guarded by the Foremother, ancient forebear to all tortoises, the marvelous tea had been hidden from human sight until a young woman named Martha received its gift, paying an enormous price in return.


Foremother’s Oath

  • Increases all allies’ speed for %duration%.
  • Speed-up: 250 (Level x 1 + 120)%

Secret of Longevity

  • Martha’s basic attacks heal her when a projectile hits an enemy. The farther the projectile travels, the more health it will restore.
  • One projectile can restore up to 240,466 (24% Health + Level x 400) health
  • Two bubbles restores 30,058 (3% Health + Level x 50) health

Tea Party

  • Conjures a totem in front of the character that restores allies’ health. Enemies can’t target the totem, but it can take AoE damage.
  • Health regen for each ally: 97,710 (60% Magic attack + Level x 250 + 5,000) for 8 seconds

Healing Brew

  • While the totem is active, the ally with the least health now receives additional healing.
  • Health regen per second: 159,792 (15% Health + Level x 400 + 6,000) for 8 seconds

About Recovery Skills

  • The main recovery skills are performed by summoning a totem.
  • This totem has nothing to do with the totem of the Battle of Titan.
  • Totem is not the first skill, so recovery is not affected by gauge inhibition.
  • Totem is the target of a ranged attack; 1 damage destroys it. Aurora, who launches a series of ranged attacks, and Celeste Jet Biscuit (pet), who inhibits recovery, counter.
  • Recovery skills: overall recovery is magic attack, individual recovery depends on health to determine performance.



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