[Hero Wars Guide]Thea

[Hero Wars]Thea

About Thea

  • Popular healer used the most from 2020 to 2023.
  • The first healer that everyone gets in Tuttle.
  • In reality, healers for top players and technical players rather than for beginners. Beginners tend to prioritize Martha and Dorian.
  • If Martha is the anti-physical battle healer, Thea is the anti-magic battle healer. With a silence debuff and a magic defense buff with the first artifact.
  • Subtle until she has the Ascension skill set, but once she completes Ascension, she will show her true potential.
  • Excellent in defense against PVP after completion of Ascension, and in the Spring 2023 environment, it has a high percentage of top players using it for defense, ahead of Martha and Dorian. Especially by misreading the pet you are patronizing, you can expect the attack to fail. If you make good use of DPS, you can wear down the attacker with continuous defense.
  • With its silence debuff, it can easily be used as a healer on debuff teams.
  • There is a unique team composition that is completely different from the templates in guild raids.
  • Thea are weak against blows. Therefore, the scenes in which he can be active only by his skill level are limited compared to Martha and Dorian.
  • Excellent acceleration skill that is automatically applied to allies with reduced HP. It has synergy with Jhu, who has an invulnerability skill. In addition, this skill’s performance is determined by skill level alone and is effective even after Thea dies. For this reason, boss battles and CoW in pet events should be used in some cases even with slight upgrade.
  • If there is a slightly trained Thea with only her skill level raised, she is excellent as a decoy role vs. Arachne. Due to Arachne’s skill specifications, it often works well with about 200,000 health.
[Hero Wars]Thea

Flavor Text

Was that the sunrise, or did Thea glance at the battlefield? Wrapping wounded fighters in a wave of warmth, the healer of the Old Grove gifts them with new life.


Solar Sanctuary

  • Heals all members of the team.
  • Healing: 93,460 (65% Magic attack + Level x 60 + 200)

Healing Beam

  • Heals the ally with the lowest health.
  • Healing: 82,062 (55% Magic attack + Level x 75)

Vow of Silence

  • Places magical marks above the heads of the enemy, silencing them for 3 seconds (chance to silence is lowered if the target’s level is above 130).
  • Damage: 29,545 (20% Magic attack + Level x25 + 500)

Second Wind

  • Passively increases the speed of skills for each ally when the ally’s health drops below 30%.
  • Increases allies’ speed by 55 (Level x 0.5 + 10)

Ascension Skills

Blessed Solar Sanctuary

  • All healing by Solar Sanctuary that exceeds the ally’s max health is converted into a shield that absorbs all damage.

Radiant Healing Beam

  • After Thea uses Healing Beam, the allied target takes 50% less damage for the duration of 5 seconds.




The Path of Mercy

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