[Hero Wars Guide]Thea Update and Thea Teams

[Hero Wars] Thea Hero Upgrade

Regarding Thea’s Update

Explanation of Thea’s Current Status

As of summer 2023, Thea is frequently utilized in three key roles.

  • 1. She is often employed as a defensive hero in versus games.
  • 2. She serves as a countermeasure against Arachne in versus battles.
  • 3. She is a member of the Osh Lv 160 team in guild raids.

Examples of Thea’s Defense Team Composition


Standard Heroes : Rufus, Ishmael, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir


Standard Heroes : Rufus, Dante, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir

CoW Shooting Range

Standard Heroes : Kayla, Dante, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir

Example of Thea’s Offensive Capability

Impact of Thea’s Spec Update

  • Thea’s healing performance is expected to be enhanced, making her role stronger in all areas of application.
  • The nature of the update indicates that Thea’s role will not undergo significant changes, suggesting that her usage itself will likely remain the same.
  • The brightest utilization scenarios for Thea are the CoW shooting range and city hall defense. The improved recovery performance will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of these attacks!

Impact of Thea’s visual update

  • Might not like it, given Darkstar’s precedent.
  • Machine specs may be affected for some people. Especially if you are using a tablet or other device.

1. Mixed Reception

Just like with any visual update, opinions among players may vary. Some players might not like the changes introduced to Thea’s appearance, summoning animation, and the casting of her skills. This can be influenced by personal preferences and expectations. It’s important to remember that not all players will have the same reaction to the visual update.

2. Precedent from Dark Star

The mention of Dark Star’s precedent suggests that there may have been a previous visual update in the game that was not well-received by the players. This could lead to concerns or skepticism among some players regarding Thea’s update. They might worry that the changes could negatively impact their overall experience or the character’s aesthetics.

Dark Star: Before/After

[Hero Wars]Dark Star[Hero Wars]Dark Star

3. System Requirements

Visual updates often involve graphical improvements, which may increase the demands on the hardware. Players who are using devices with lower specifications, such as tablets or older devices, may experience performance issues or a decrease in the game’s overall smoothness. This can be frustrating for players who are unable to upgrade their devices and may impact their enjoyment of the updated visuals.

Coming Soon: Thea Update!(Official Messages)

Many of you turned out to be right in your guesses — Thea will receive a visual update, and you will be able to see it this week! 

Not only Thea’s appearance will change, but also her skills: the cooldown of the “Healing Beam” skill will be reduced from 13 to 10 seconds, and the “Solar Sanctuary” skill will become slightly more effective — from the earliest levels it will restore more health, and leveling up the skill will be twice as efficient!

Let’s return to Thea’s visual update:

First and foremost, Thea’s changes will affect her appearance, summoning animation, and the casting of the “Solar Sanctuary” skill — Thea’s actions will become even more spectacular and detailed, and the use of the skill will be accompanied by an animated video!

Thea’s lines will also undergo changes — the upcoming update will better emphasize the heroine’s individuality and her place in the Dominion!

Among other things, with Thea’s update in the game, there will be a dedicated musical composition for her — you will be able to listen to it in the hero menu.

All these changes will better reveal Thea’s story and personality, as well as make her look more relevant and modern! 

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