[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm MAP Strategy

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm MAP Strategy

The Great Storm Map Strategy

  • If you can defeat the boss, you will consider a map attack
  • If the boss can be defeated in a small number of steps, the relative reward will be greater.
  • If you take fewer steps, you will take Pure Damage over time, but there are ways to withstand the Force of the Storm even if some Storm Resistance remains.
  • It is too case-by-case to say for sure, but one attack UP buff is usually enough.
  • The Harbinger’s Stele buffs is extremely tough on the boss fight if it is not removed.
  • High difficulty squares exist. If you cannot handle the high difficulty squares due to the chemistry of the heroes you haves, it is safer to avoid them.
  • The placement of treasure chests is random each time, and it is also on an individual basis. However, there is an adjacency indicator, so there is an optimal route based on that.

Enemy Strength Logic

  • Enemy strength varies depending on the player’s Team Level and the Hero Power.
  • For those who are strong, all strengths, from the end to the boss, are increased.
  • Enemy strength is determined by the player’s power and Team Level at the start of the event.
  • Enemies are the same as in the campaign except for bosses.
  • Enemies have less effective skills compared to the campaign.


  • Only for players whose team level has not reached Lv130.
  • If you challenge the map after raising your Team Level and hero Level during the 3 days after the event starts, your opponent’s strength will remain fixed at the same Level as on the first day.
  • The Level difference will give you an advantage in the fight.

When only the enemy becomes stronger

  • If you use the same organization as in the previous event, only the enemies may become stronger.
  • If you increase the number of upgrade heroes, the power of the enemy will also increase. 
  • For this reason, when you challenge, The same team and the same power as last time may no longer be effective.

Advantage and disadvantage

  • Those who have a small number of heroes to upgrade and are able to form an appropriate team will have an advantage.
  • Those who have many heroes to upgrade and do not know how to organize them are at a disadvantage.
  • Differences in power increase after the main heroes have reached their maximum, and the level of difficulty increases.

Specification Changes

  • Reports suggest a modification in the logic for determining enemy power may have been tested on certain players since around 2024.
  • This alteration could entail the enemy power logic being determined by the power of the top 5 trained heroes instead of the total power.

Storm Resistance and its countermeasures

  • If the Storm Resistance you have acquired are less than the Force of the Storm, you will take Pure Damage over time.
  • Up to 20 is acceptable in a normal organization, up to 30 is acceptable if the healer is strong, and even over 50 is acceptable in a dedicated organization.
  • Rufus, who does not die from Pure Damage, is strong against the Force of the Storm, but there is an accident risk of taking Physical Damage when Health is extremely low.
  • Dorian‘s 4th skill is an extremely effective countermeasure if it is skill level canned. However, Dorian is suited for heroes with a large number of hands. K’arkh is not very useful, and Keira, Orion is extremely effective.
  • If using Dorian, prior verification in Guild Battle is recommended to see if the bloodsucking buff works as expected.
  • Placing Jhu is extremely effective because it can induce immortality ability.
  • Martha Thea can be placed to trigger the acceleration skill in a row, which is very effective.

on-screen display

List of recommended heroes

[Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Keira[Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]Jhu[Hero Wars]Mojo[Hero Wars]Orion[Hero Wars]Dorian[Hero Wars]Thea[Hero Wars]Lilith[Hero Wars]Martha

About Adventure Reword

  • There are 7 Chests in total.
  • Except for the boss, 6 Chests will be placed randomly.
  • Bosses have 20,000 Storm Coins, others have 4,000-6,000 Storm Coins.
  • The amount of Storm Coins outside of the bosses is a matter of luck, but the expected value is around 5,000 Storm Coins on average.
  • The reward is very important in the map strategy, especially to secure the boss’s Chests.
[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm Rewords

About the indication of the placement of Chests

  • If there is a Chest in an adjacent square, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • In most cases, it is possible to identify which square is the Chest if it is displayed in two adjacent squares.
  • Sometimes Chests are placed on the inner or outer perimeter of the map, so it is possible to optimize the number of steps by taking a detour only at that time.
  • Taking a detour to the inner perimeter is high risk if Storm Resistance is insufficient. In that case, it may be better to pick it up at the end after defeating the boss.

Chest Locations

  • While not entirely random, they are selected from approximately 3-4 potential locations.
  • The randomness within this range varies for each player.
  • The expected placement range is illustrated in the figure below.

Action Points and Budget Considerations

Action Points

  • Map progression is done with Action Points.
  • Action points the first 5 PT, and can be obtained for up to 59 AP in quests. However, some quests consume emeralds or energy, and the number obtained varies depending on the individual.
  • You can get x1 Action Point for x500 Emeralds, but it is not recommended.

Action Points and Map Steps

  • There are x53 Squad and x3 Buffs on the map.
  • If you get all the Action Points for a quest and complete it without mistakes, there will be some left over.
  • If you do not complete the entire map and clear it with a small number of steps, you will have even more left over.
  • If the player does not take any Buffs, the extra points will be added to the total.
  • The extra Action Points become the Storm Legacy after the event. They will not be wasted.

Budgetary Considerations

  • We recommend that you consider your budget for the Action Points you can use.
  • If you run out at the last minute and have to buy with Emeralds, you will cry!
  • If you cannot use Emeralds, you will cry even more.
  • If the boss is too difficult to beat, you may decide not to attack the map (please refer to “To attack the map or not to attack the map”).
  • Everyone is groping the first time. You want to consider the assumption that you will make some mistakes.

Budget Example

  • Start of the event : 5AP
  • Login bonus x3 : 15AP
  • VIP level 1 : 1AP
  • Spend Emerald x500 : 2AP
  • Spend Energy x2,500 : 4AP
  • Pet Summoning x80 : 8AP
  • Open Chests in Adventure x12 : 5AP
  • Total : 40AP

Prepare a separate means of securing reserve AP.

Guideline for Storm Resistance

  • Since there is a quest to capture battle locations, it is easy to determine the benefits by using it as a guide.
  • Capture 35 battle locations = Boss buttle with 170 Storm Resistance, 4 attacks against the boss, 1 buff, total 40 AP.
  • Capture 45 battle locations = Boss buttle with 220 Storm Resistance, 2 attacks against the boss, 1 buff, total 48 AP.
  • Capture 53 battle locations = Boss buttle with 260 Storm Resistance, 1 attack against the boss, 1 buff, total 55 AP. (Full walk)
  • The AP required is determined based on the above assumptions. (Please also refer to the playing record described below)


  • Boss battle at 170 Storm Resistance : High difficulty. Difficult without Dorian and Martha.
  • Boss battle at 220 Storm Resistance : Medium difficulty. Use this as a guide for the beginning.
  • Boss battle at 260 Storm Resistance : Low difficulty. No need to take countermeasures.

Understanding Buffs in the Game

  • Buffs typically don’t sway the outcome unless you’re in a tightly contested battle.
  • What holds more importance is your team composition, and in this event, your ability to effectively utilize Dorian is paramount.
  • Nevertheless, buffs that enhance damage output are remarkably potent. They allow for quicker elimination of adversaries, thereby reducing damage sustained over time due to a lack of storm resistance. These buffs serve as both offensive and defensive tools.

Map Walking directions

  • Walk jaggedly in the middle part of the map, not the inner or outer perimeter.
  • Take a detour only when a Chest is indicated on the outer perimeter.
  • Pick up only the first one buff (to increase Damage per hour and to counter the Force of the Storm)
  • Enter the inner perimeter from the entry point and challenge the boss once you have enough buffs to take him down.
  • As a rule of thumb, many people are able to win from a resistance gap of about 50.
  • It is better to defeat the boss in two over attacks than to always defeat the boss in one attack.
  • The level of difficulty and what you can do will vary depending on the heroes you have. It is important to understand how to proceed in a way that suits you.

Route Map

If a chest placement in the inner perimeter is on the lower side, the entry point is slightly higher and the green route heads down.

Example of stepping on the outer perimeter

In this case, we don’t know where the Chest is at #27,#28, so we step on #27 first.
If there is no indication of the Chest, #27 can be ignored because it is the outer perimeter.

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm how to Chest Check

Example of stepping on the inner circumference

If two treasure chests are found on the inner perimeter, we will step on the inner perimeter on the way.

The following is a pattern where there was a treasure chest at #42.

Although the difference in resistance is 60, we will defeat it in one shot with Dorian as the axis.

Full walk (crossing all the squares)

  • There is a sufficient budget and if collecting Pet Soul Chest is your own upgrade plan, you should consider crossing all the squares.
  • The advantage of winning with fewer steps is that the extra action points will be returned as the Storm Legacy after the event.
  • In the case of a full walk, walk as follows Buffing is not necessary in this case, so we will avoid it.

Route map for full walk

[Hero Wars] The Great Storm Map full walk_2

Pet Soul Chest

Explanation of high difficulty squares

For other enemies, please refer to the map data.

#24 Shavarakk

The front two to three people will be frozen; choose Orion or others for DPS and place DPS near the back of the deployment, or take Sebastian, whose first skill can disable the freezing. The specifications are a little different from #25, such as whether or not the freeze is lifted over time.

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm Squad 24 Shavarakk

#25 Shavarakk

The first two or three people in front are frozen, so choose Orion as DPS, place DPS near the back of the position, or take Sebastian who can disable freezing with his first skill. The specs are a little different from #24, such as whether or not the freeze is lifted over time.

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm Squad 25 Shavarakk

#37 King Khornak

Manually operate the game and apply the Armor Buff by the First Artifact as the Khornak’s bombs appear to safely take him down.

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm Squad 37 King Khornak

#57 Boss Battle

It is easy to be stable if you play recovery warriors by combining Dorian with Keira, Orion, Jhu, etc. Because of their large numbers, Keira Orion, who is skilled in multiple attacks, is particularly well suited for this task. Even if Dorian is knocked down, he is effective as long as the target hero does not leave his blood-sucking range, so there is no need to consider a solid upgrade program.

[Hero Wars Guide]The Great Storm Boss Battle

Boss Buttle Example

Formation that can defeat a 1.2 million power boss with 2 attacks under the condition of 170 Storm Resistance and buff 1. 7 chests complete on 38 AP.

Small Talk

  • You can move after defeating the boss.
  • You can use the extra AP to go to the empty squares, but you will waste AP. You want to leave it until the end of the event and turn it into a Storm Legacy.
  • Can use the extra AP to defeat enemies that have not been defeated, but the reward merit is thin. You want to leave it until the end of the event and turn it into a Storm Legacy.

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Event Guide

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Playing Record

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