[Hero Wars Guide]Which Support to Upgrade in 2022

[Hero Wars Guide]Which Support to Upgrade in 2022


Which heroes should you choose to upgrade in Hero Wars 2022?
Here we describe the main candidates for the Support role.
We hope this will help you choose the heroes you will upgrade in the future.

Especially in the battle against opponents, the support heroes are highly dependent on their status.
When you want to concentrate on DPS, you don’t have much to do at the beginning of the game.
It is only in the latter half of the game, when it is no longer possible to fight well just by raising DPS, and when it becomes important to assemble a team, that the true value of the support heroes is demonstrated.



There is almost no hero that everyone wants in this game. The exception is Sebastian.
If Astaroth is the first tank and Martha is the first healer, Sebastian is the first support.
His role is to cut Debuffs and support Critical Hit buffs.
He is basically a member of the physical attack team, but he is also used in the magic attack team because of his extremely good to cut Debuffs.


Next to Sebastian, Isaac is the second most recommended hero for all players.
He is a support for the physical attack team and a counter to all magic attacks. With Isaac, ODH, Twins and Celeste are easy to defeat. He is a must for the Guild Raid against Osh.
Note that Isaac cannot counter non-magical attackers such as Iris, Heidi, and Cornelius.
He is a big fighter with a strong dependence on HP and physical attacks. I would prefer to raise them after the sixth member rather than the first. Glyphs and skins of magic defense are almost no trouble at lvl 0.


Extremely high support performance, with many active scenes. On the other hand, its healer performance is modest.
If you are torn between Sebastian and Nebula, give priority to Sebastian.
The combination of Nebula and Sebastian is a popular physical DPS support. Also called “Nebus”.
Although incompatible with Sebastian, it is also effective for wizards such as Heidi Orion Celeste, who can form a fast attack formation.
Nebus, which has mastered the status of physical attack, provides a strong boost to two heroes side by side. For this reason, it may be possible to switch and devise a thinly trained hero.


A counter to Astaroth and Rufus.
Although the range of compositions it can handle is narrow, it is currently in play because of the popularity of Rufus Dante.
A punching magic that attacks physically, it is a good match for Iris Cornelius of the same type. Father-daughter combo with Corvus is also effective
Compared to other supports, its power requirement is low. It should be raised first as a replacement.
The first artifact activation is slow due to the low attack speed. Therefore, the role of armor piercing buff is often better played by Elmy or Qing Mao.


Almost never in the opposing game, but otherwise it can be used in a variety of ways, starting as a healer countermeasure in campaigns.
There are many scenes where just raising the color and skill level there will produce results, giving the impression that it is easy to get a hold of.

At the end

Heroes not mentioned here also have their own charms.
However, it is better to choose a hero with many active scenes to develop the game to your advantage.
We hope this introduction will be helpful.


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