[Hero Wars Guide]Pet Soul Stone

[Hero Wars Guide]Pet Summoning

What is Pet Soul Stone?

  • Can be developed from Star 1 to Star 6. Power per level increases.
  • More difficult to obtain than Heroes or Titans.
  • Mainly available through pet summons, pet soul treasure chests, and bundles.
  • Pet Summoning is released at team level 40.
  • Pet Soul Chests can be obtained mainly from pet events (The Great Storm).
  • Pet Summoning is released at team level 40.
  • Bundles are released at team level 40 and can be purchased at the VIP10 store, etc.
  • When using emeralds for pet summoning, it is recommended to take advantage of sale events. Discount day! are also beneficial, though not as much as sale events.

Pet Summoning

[Hero Wars Guide]Pet Summoning

Pet Soul Stone Chest

[Hero Wars Guide]Pet Soul Chest


Recommended way to get pet soul stones

  • The Pet soul Chest can upgrade targeted pets. Most recommended.
  • If you have enough budget for Emeralds, use them to summon pets to make your team stronger.

Excess Pet Soul Stone

  • If you have extra Pet Soul Stones, the Pet Soul Stone Shop will be opened!
  • Pet Potion,Chaos Particle, and Heroes Soul Stone available.

Table of Upgrade

Star RankSoul StonesGoldSoul Stones(Total)Gold(Total)

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