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What is a pet?

  • Released at Team Level 40.
  • Training cost per power is a little heavier than that of heroes, and they do not grow well.
  • However, the degree of training of pets can make a big difference in the win rate of hero battles. In particular, support (patron) is an underrated strength on top of power, and can be interpreted as a totem of hero battles.

Sanctuary – released at Team Level 40

How to upgrade your pets

  • Practically, there are two types of pets: precocious and mature.
  • Mainly collect training materials in adventures, pet events, sanctuaries, and bundles.
  • There are three parameters for raising pets.

Stats Parameters

  • Level: Raised by pet potion. It is easy to be the first to reach the highest level.
  • Rank(Equipment): Priority should be given to equipment that increases support power. It grows more than Star.
  • Star: Less cost-effective than equipment. It will be a long-term commitment.

The Great Storm

Appearance of new pets

  • New pets appear every year around fall.
  • New pets will be added to each existing hero’s potential patrons and may greatly improve the role of some heroes.
  • A dedicated event is held at the time of its appearance (implementation). The event name differs each time, but the quest contents and format are almost the same.

2020: Axel

2021: Biscuit

2022: Khorus

Free Flight

2023: Vex

[Hero Wars] Summon Vex
Creatures of the Night

Teamup of pets

  • A maximum of 6 pets (1 companion and 5 patrons) can be teamup.
  • Each hero has a specific number of pets that can be patronized, from which he/she can choose. For some heroes, only certain pets are available as patrons.
  • Reuse is limited in some game modes, such as Grand Arena, Minion Warfare, and CoW Defense.
  • Unlike heroes, CoW attacks and guild raid boss battles can be used repeatedly.

Companion Pet

  • Unlike heroes, they are not disabled or stunned.
  • Some buffs seem to be effective, e.g. Fenris and Sebastian are compatible.

Selective display of Companion Pet

Selective display of Support Pet (patron pet)

Pet Skills

  • Like heroes, pets get 4 skills based on their color up
  • The pet skills (1st/2nd) are only activated by one pet companion as the 6th. Affects the entire battle.
  • Patron Skill (3rd/4th) affects only the hero to which it is patroned.

1st Skill

  • Effective only when accompanied by a companion pet.
  • Like Hero’s 1st skill, it is manually activated in manual mode.
  • Functions like a totem in titan warfare.
  • Very dominant influence on the battlefield, so the choice of companion is almost always based on this skill.
  • In CoW, there is an obligatory choice.

2nd Skill

  • Effective only when companion.
  • Like the second skill of the hero, it is automatically activated.

3rd Skill (Bonus Status)

  • Effective only when patronized.
  • Always strengthens 2 statuses of the target hero.
  • The statuses to be enhanced are determined by the pet.
  • Some stats may be meaningless depending on the patron’s target hero.

4th Skill (Bonus Skill)

  • Effective only for patrons.
  • Functions as a passive skill for the target hero.
  • Not activated if the target hero dies.









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