[Hero Wars Guide]Mushy and Shroom

[Hero Wars] Mushy and Shroom

About Mushy and Shroom

  • Appeared in 2023.
  • Attacks with mushrooms that multiply, uses self-healing and silence debuff
  • Seems to be a slow combat type like Maya.
  • Because of her magical attacks, she is somewhat vulnerable to Isaac.
  • She is a tank, but she needs to be able to stall for time if she is to be considered as a fighting.

Flavor Text

“We are one. We are Legion.”
Concealed in the depth of the Magic Forest, the mushroom army kept growing for countless years, until a mysterious threat loomd over the world. The mycellium’s collective mind was then forced to reveal itself and join the Guardians ot the Dominion, its trusty newfound allies.

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Perfect Copy

  • Mushy and Shroom spawn an inactive copy of Shroom with the hero’s base stats and a missing portion of health. The copy can take damage and receive healing. When the copy’s health is fully replenished for the first time, it activates. An active copy can attack and use all skills learned by the hero, but it won’t be able to replenish energy.
  • There can be up to 3 copies of Shroom on the battlefield at any given time.

Branching Mycelium

  • Mushy and Shroom spawn mycelium with 3 inactive Spore Mushrooms with a portion of their health missing. These mushrooms can take damage and receive healing. Their max health is 25% of the hero’s health.
  • Once the mushroom’s health is fully replenished, it runs towards the enemy and explodes. The explosion deals damage and shrouds enemies within a short range in a Mushroom Spore cloud, silencing them for 4 second.
  • Nearby enemies not affected by Mushroom Spores yet are prioritized when selecting a target.


  • Mushy and Shroom damage the nearest enemy. Damage scales with the healing received by allies since this skill was last activated. 50% of healing from Mushy and Shroom’s skills and 150% of healing from allies is converted into extra damage.

Wild Growth

  • Passive skill. Inactive Shrooms and Spore Mushrooms can recover health by themselves. The effect is boosted by 100% for each active Shroom on the battlefield.



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  1. Axiliflora says:

    The developers got inspired regarding the idea and the plot description from the TV series “Motherland: Fort Salem”. It’s to hope that in December they release a proper tank, because the current ones are stale; from Aurora to that Corvus.


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