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You can beat these teams

Often used in Hero Wars, in what situations would Lian Solo be useful? Here are three practical examples used by top guilds.

These scenarios can be expanded with a combination of hand-to-hand combat and Fafnir. Here are some cases where Lian can win alone and with auto.

Dante Tanks

  • Certain Dante tank setups are vulnerable to Lian Solo.
  • However, the effectiveness may vary based on the accompanying pet and its assignment.
  • Typically employed in strategic pursuits and visible pet assignments in Clash of the Worlds.
[Hero Wars Guide] Lian Solo examples showcase_1

Chase attack on Ishmael

  • Chasing Ishmael at full speed is notoriously risky.
  • One solution to this situation might be to use Lian solo.
  • There are numerous instances where Lian can single-handedly overcome Sebastian and Fafnir after their initial defeat.
[Hero Wars Guide] Lian Solo examples showcase_2

Teams Without a Debuffing Strategy

  • Some players overlook debuffing strategies in Hero Battles, leaving their defenses vulnerable.
  • Lian Solo thrives in such scenarios, capitalizing on opponents’ lack of debuffing countermeasures.
  • The following example can be won with Albus as a pet.
[Hero Wars Guide] Lian Solo examples showcase_3

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