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[Hero Wars] Lian

About Lian

  • Lian is an incarnation of a cat with the magical power of charm. She excels at protecting her friends and demonstrates her mental strength in her fighting style.
  • She possesses a passive skill in her fourth skill that charms opponents who attack her, making it powerful. The skill description says “Sleeping,” but in reality, a heart mark appears, and the opponent stops moving.
  • Lian has two pure damage skills, making her effective as a damage support role.
  • She is a representative of a hero who can single-handedly destroy the opposing team, and many have heard of the term “Lian Solo!”
  • Lian is a versatile hero used by players of all levels, from beginners to advanced ones. However, she is not considered an exceptionally strong hero.

Lian’s Advantages and Synergy in Teams

  • Her greatest strength lies in her ability to skillfully stall the enemy with her charms, providing her allies with valuable time. She synergizes particularly well with heroes like Aurora, Arachne, Amira, and Heidi.
  • Lian is a versatile hero who can be paired with almost anyone. She shines particularly in pure damage and magic teams, given that her First Artifact is a Magic attack.
  • Regardless of the opponent, Lian can make a difference in various situations. Placing her in the arena often leads to scenes where she manages to overcome somewhat unfavorable situations.
  • She can also provide additional firepower support when DPS heroes like Heidi and Iris need an extra push. Lian’s role is more of an assistant than a main attacker.
  • While she deals magic damage, her pure damage is superior, making her an effective counter against heroes like Isaac.
  • Patron pets complement Lian well, especially Biscuit and Mara, who are frequently used together.
  • Healers work well with Dorian, and a combination like Heidi, Lian, and Dorian can form a Pure damage team capable of handling various opponents offensively and defensively.
  • Lian’s team can efficiently counteract Sebastian‘s debuffs, and even without Biscuit, they can generate debuff-cut saturation.
  • She possesses a strong charm skill, making her a soft counter against general attackers like Iris and Aurora.
  • During team fights, when Axel disperses damage, all enemies become targets of charm, leading to the powerful “Axel Combo.”
  • Lian’s stats are well-balanced offensively and defensively, and a well-trained purple Mara is essential. However, depending on the opponent, Lian can achieve victories on her own, earning her the title of “Lian Solo!”
  • Assuming Lian solo, beginners can confidently compete in the Grand Arena with just 6 well-trained heroes.

Disadvantages of Lian

  • Mastering Lian solo at a high level requires excellent manual control skills.
  • Oliver’s patron effect acts as a counter, making Lian solo particularly susceptible to being blocked.
  • Khorus is a hard counter against Lian, significantly reducing her effectiveness.
  • She is nearly powerless against heroes like Nebula and Fafnir, who do not attack normally. Nebula, who is rarely charmed herself and can disarm the charms of her companions, is a hard counter to Lian’s abilities.
  • The charm can be canceled by an ally’s attack. Therefore, it’s often nullified by heroes who unleash widespread or numerous attacks. Teams featuring such allies may not prove very effective with Lian’s charms.
  • In many instances, Martha proves to be more effective, although positioning her at the rear can help mitigate the risk of rear assaults. Compared to Martha, Jhu often outperforms her.
  • Despite her versatility, Lian’s stats are average, making her vulnerable to overwhelming high firepower attacks.
  • Her firepower is also average, often unable to outperform opponent healers.
  • Lian isn’t overly reliant on stats, but neglecting to boost her Health and Magic Attack can significantly diminish her effectiveness.
  • The overall exalted status holds significance, and ultimately, no stat should be overlooked or compromised.
  • The general premise involves using different Team pets, which can pose a challenge for players with a limited number of pets to train.
  • While Lian and Iris are often used together, Iris tends to be more effective in various situations. However, there are instances where Lian remains the superior choice.
  • While Lian can be used as a countermeasure against Sebastian, there are situations where heroes like Maya or Rufus with Biscuit would be more suitable.
  • In well-thought-out and sharp teams, Lian might not find a specific role and may end up on the bench more frequently.

Flavor Text

Following the path of love, the wildcat turned into a beautiful girl. But her happiness was short-lived, as her beloved fell in a battle. Crushed by grief, but strong in spirit, Lian decided to fight evil with the power of sincere feelings.



  • Charms all enemies, putting them to sleep for 7 seconds. Sleeping enemies wake up immediately when taking damage from anyone other than Lian.
  • Charm chance lowered if the target’s level is higher than 130

Hypnotic Ball

  • Fires a magical ball at the nearest enemies, then brings it back, dealing pure damage on the way.
  • Pure Damege: 70,551 (50% Magic attack + Level x 50)

Wandering Lights

  • Creates 5 magical spheres and launches them at the nearest enemy, dealing magical damage.
  • Magic sphere damage: 42,331 (30% Magic attack + Level x 30)


  • Passive skill. When Lian is damaged, the Hero who dealt damage is charmed for 4 seconds.
  • Charm chance lowered if the target Hero’s level is higher than 130

Practical Knowledge of Lian

Lian Solo examples showcase



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