[Hero Wars Guide]Cleaver

[Hero Wars] Cleaver

About Cleaver

  • Cleaver is a fearsome executioner-like hero, often described in intimidating terms. When defeated in Summerskin, he is seen limping and dropping his hat.
  • Cleaver is the most difficult hero to obtain, with the only chance being through the grand prize of the Hero’s Treasure Chest or the Winter Festival’s Winter Claus drawing.
  • Despite being rare, Cleaver is not the strongest hero and is considered more challenging to use than other tanks.

Cleaver’s Advantages and Team Synergy

  • He boasts overwhelming toughness, allowing him to withstand attacks from heroes like Ishmael and Lv 150 Osh to some extent.
  • Cleaver’s synergy with Biscuit enables him to compete with Dante, making him effective against both Dante and Sebastian to a certain degree.
  • As a control tank with stun abilities, Cleaver’s major attraction lies in his combination of Biscuit’s patronage effect and his toughness, making it easier to team up and defeat physical teams compared to other tanks.
  • His powerful first skill can drag out opponents from the rear, enabling diverse combinations with Iris, Ishmael, and Jhu.
  • A versatile offensive team has been crafted through the synergy with Amira, forming an effective template, especially potent against Ishmael.
  • Cleaver excels in double tank setups and protecting tanks undergoing micro-training.
  • In certain situations, Cleaver can still be effective with moderate power in control team setups against opponents.
  • Cleaver is well-suited for defense in engineers and factories in Clash of Worlds.

Disadvantages of Cleaver

  • Although Cleaver has an Ascension skill, its effectiveness and advantages may not be very noticeable.
  • His toughness relies on high stats, limiting his usability until raised to a certain level.
  • The official synergy with Peppy, known as Cripeppy, doesn’t offer many beneficial situations for its use.
  • When teamed with Yasmine or K’arkh, or both, there is a self-destruct pattern that disables the activation of the first skill among allies, leading to hesitation in auto attacks with this combination.
  • Since Cleaver’s only rear guard protection skill comes from the armor buff provided by his first artifact, assembling a full team around this aspect may be more challenging compared to user-friendly tanks like Astaroth and Aurora. This could potentially lead to disappointment if not properly understood.
  • To achieve consistent victories with Cleaver, careful coordination of the pets patronizes for each team member is necessary.
  • Cleaver’s operation, while simple, has a relatively high difficulty level, making him more preferred by experienced veterans familiar with heroic battles rather than being commonly chosen by beginners.

Flavor Text

Can you smell decomposition? Can you hear the dying screams of those who suffer? Then meet Cleaver, butcher extraordinaire and master of carcass dressing! Or better, run for your life before you meet him!


Rusty Hook

  • Cleaver throws a hook at a distant opponent, dealing damage, and pulls them to himself.
  • Physical Damage: 83,306 (100% Physical attack + Level x 120)


  • Deals pure damage to the nearest opponents and himself for 5 seconds.
  • Pure Damage: 22,127 (25% Physical attack + Level x 40)


  • Hits the area in front of him with his cleaver, dealing damage and stunning opponents.
  • Physical Damage: 17,441 (20% Physical attack + Level x 30 + 600)
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130


  • Passive skill. Cleaver receives additional Strength.”,
  • Strength: 920 (Level x 10 + 20)

Ascension Skills

Massive Rusty Hook

  • The hero pulled by Rusty Hook pushes away their allies and damages them by 21,812 (30% Physical attack + 1,500).

Toxic Putrefaction

  • The hero pulled by Rusty Hook takes 200% more damage from Putrefaction for the duration of 20 seconds.



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