[Hero Wars Guide]Peppy

[Hero Wars]Peppy

About Peppy

  • Not the type of hero that is widely used like Dante and Iris, but a hero that shows his strength in specific teams and under specific conditions.
  • The second skill is the ability to provide a counterattack barrier to the lead hero. The counterattack barrier is a type that counterattacks with magic attack damage for a number of times, regardless of the amount of damage inflicted by the opponent. It has characteristics similar to Helios’ counter skill.
  • It was designed as an official synergy with Cleaver’s self-inflicted damage.
  • Also designed as official synergy with Julius. First hero with multiple official synergies in one hero.
  • By its nature, it works well with heroes who dive into their opponents, like Luther Kayla Yasmine.
  • It comes into its own with the Ascension Skill. However, the effects gained from ascension 5 are additional damage to the first skill and effect retry. Compared to Ishmael and others, it is a little less important. The damage cut obtained with the Ascension 2 skill is more important.
  • A subtle hero whose primary artifact is magic defense, even though he’s not a hero who fights against magic heroes.
  • Not good at fighting Rufus Isaacs. Thea Cornelius is also somewhat of a pain.

Flavor Text

What can you do, if you are small, shy and very cute? What if you really want to do good, but you have no energy left to struggle against evil? Young Peppy has found a solution! Her incredible performances bring cause for joy to the honest, common people of the Dominion. They are a serious problem for the greedy and the wicked.



  • Deals magic damage to each enemy in front of herself, stunning, blinding, or slowing them for 6 seconds.
  • Damage: 46,866 (30% Magic attack + Level x 100)
  • Chance to inflict an effect is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.


  • Casts a shield sphere on an ally for 5 seconds. Whenever a shielded ally receives damage, the sphere damages nearest rivals.
  • Damage: 23,433 (15% Magic attack + Level x 50)


  • Casts a beam that damages and stuns the nearest rival for 3 seconds.
  • Damage: 49,260 (35% Magic attack + Level x 75 + 1,500)


  • Frolic gains a chance to deal double or quadruple damage.
  • Double damage chance: 75 (Level x 0.5 + 30)%
  • Quadruple damage chance: 32.5 (Level x 0.25 + 10)%

Ascension Skills

Reckless Masquerade

  • When Peppy uses Masquerade effects, an enemy always takes Magic Damage. If an enemy evades a Masquerade effect, the skill is applied to them again, but no more than 3 times.
  • Damage: 10,592 (8% Magic Attack + 1,500)

Spirit of Boldness

  • An ally affected by Boldness takes 25% less Magic and Physical damage. Critical damage to that ally is halved.

What is a Masquerade?

  • When activated, one of four types of masks is randomly given to all the opponents.
  • Which mask is given to each opponents is determined individually.
  • Although it is not a ranged attack, it can also be used against Martha’s summoned tea party and others.
  • If the skill is upgrade with Ascension 5, up to three retries will occur if the debuff cut is triggered by the opponent’s Sebastian or Horus. This collapses Sebastian’s debuff cut frequency in one fell swoop.
  • When skills are enhanced with Ascension 5, magic damage will be generated even with non-Red Masks.

Types of masks

  • Red mask: magic damage
  • Blue Mask: Slow for 6 seconds
  • Yellow Mask: Stun for 6 seconds
  • Green Mask: Darkness for 6 seconds

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