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Defence Trends of Heroes team

  • Here are some of the most popular heroes team order in Hero Wars.
  • This is also the team that many people thought was the “best team”. For your reference.
  • The team order in which the image is placed is the one that seems to be used most frequently, and there are a variety of arrangement patterns.


Amira Heidi

  • Effective defense teams has changed with Red artifacts, Patterns, etc. Optimal solution for pet assignment depends on team composition.
  • Strong defense with Amira Nebula Heidi combo
  • Polaris or Vex and debuff cut with Khorus or Julius instead of Sebastian, whose relative position has declined with the advent of hard counters

Standard Heroes : Rufus or Julius or Aidan, Amira, Nebula, Heidi, Polaris or Thea


Amira Type: Dante Tank

  • Pioneered by a renowned top guild, this defense strategy leverages Amira’s exceptional randomness.
  • Designed for guild fights and CoW, it encourages the team to take on the risk of pursuit without guaranteeing victory. Particularly effective for city hall defense, though not well-suited for arena defense due to its reliance on luck.
  • Compatible heroes include Sebastian, Iris, Fafnir, and more.

Standard Heroes : Dante, Amira, Nebula, Aidan, Thea

Kayla Dante

  • Kayla positions herself behind, effectively functioning as a Dante tank.
  • This team composition has proven dominant as a defense team in the shooting range of CoW, especially when equipped with a damage reduction of 50% or more.
  • It remains quite without proper countermeasure team. The well-known Dashitama-style Heidi Biscuit team is well used.

Standard Heroes : Kayla, Dante, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir

Dante Fafnir

  • Dante is a little more difficult to defeat by employing Fafnir.
  • Thea with silence is a better match than Martha as a healer for Fafnir, as the many debuffs of the whole team can neutralize Sebastian. Thea is a healer of more interest than Martha and Dorian when it comes to defence team against people.
  • Dante’s evasion is easy to take advantage of. If Dante is the only attacker, it is impossible to defeat him consistently. One of the teams that Dante itself is Dante counter.

Standard Heroes : Rufus, Dante, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir

Corvus Aidan

  • Popular as a defense team for CoW Factory.
  • Corvus Health is boost by Aidan and factory buffs. As a result, the altar counter, whose power depends on Health, does 90,000 damage per shot. For example, if Dante activates his first skill, he will die from 360,000 damage, and if Iris attacks normally (all hit), she will die instantly from 450,000 damage.
  • Especially the form with Mushy and Shroom is considered strong.

Standard Heroes : Corvus, Mushy and Shroom, Dante or Ishmael or Iris, Aidan, Martha

 Chabba Ishmael

  • Famous as a defense team for CoW Engineer.
  • The mechanism is that Ishmael will hit hard when the opponent’s tank is swallowed by Chabba.

Standard Heroes : Chabba, Ishmael, Arachne, Jorgen, Helios


Rufus Dante

  • The most popular pattern, with Iris. Dante, Sebastian, and Iris combo for high attack power.
  • Rufus does not die from Pure damage and Magic damage, and Dante dodge physical damage. Because of this, Physical damage, Magic damage, and Pure damage are all ineffective.
  • No definitive obvious weakness, and still popular as of 2023, but Ishmael more tends to be preferred in the top guilds.

Standard Heroes : Rufus, Dante, Sebastian, Iris, Dorian or Martha

Ishmael Fafnir

  • Appeared in the Ishmael reworking in 2022. Ishmael, with two ascension skill, has a property that sharply increases the difficulty of pursuit when it fails to defeat a player. For this reason, you can expect continuous defense in Guild war and CoW.
  • If a large number of Ishmael team on  defense, those who are not good at heroic battles will have no choice but to fight Ishmael. This allows them to expect continuous defense after their initial failure. For this reason, the strategy of mass defense placement of Ishmael is popular among top guilds.
  • One of the reason, why the trend of defense team is different in Arena and Guild War/CoW.

Standard Heroes : Astaroth or Rufus, Ishmael, Sebastian, Thea, Fafnir

Marcus Dante

  • An organization that combines two Magic defense buffs with Dante’s dodge. For a time, it dominated the top players only.
  • While extremely strong against physics and magic, at first glance it appears to have no countermeasures against pure damage. In fact, it boasts overwhelming resilience, so if you attack with pure damage, which is relatively inferior in terms of firepower, you will lose because you cannot outperform the resilience.
  • Compared to Rufus Dante and Ishmael, it is of limited popularity and has been used less often now that the strategy has been established. However, quite good as a defense team for CoW City Hall.

Standard Heroes : Markus, Dante, Sebastian, Thea, Martha


Corvus, Dante and Isaac

  • In 2021, strong against all the popular Aurora, Twins, K’arkh and Yasmin.
  • They are Dodge with Dante, Counter-magic with Isaac, and debuff-cut with Sebastian. This makes it difficult to know how to beat them for those who think that they should attack with physical or with magic…
  • Only Pure damage was not countered, and since it could be easily defeated with Heidi, it fell into disuse. But with the advent of Aidan, it’s had a bit of a revival.

Standard Heroes : Corvus, Dante, Issac, Sebastian, Martha

Arachne tank

  • Arachne’s preemptive stun has the strength to win without letting the opponent do anything.
  • Dante’s strength in Heidi, which Dante is not good at, lies in its collaboration with Nebula. However, due to the order, Sebastian cannot be included. If they can get to that point with Arachne, they are aware that you can establish a theory that makes it somewhat more difficult to defeat with Heidi.
  • Because of the incompatibility between Arachne, which seals out the opponent, and Dante, which lets the opponent attack and engineered, I often patronize Dante with Fenris in this formation. And it gradually became clear that the Dante tank was more successful in defense, and the rate of its use declined.

Standard Heroes : Arachne, Dante, Nebula, Sebastian, Dorian or Jet

Dante Tank

  • An aggressive defense formation that overwhelms the opponent with a storm of evasive warriors and physical attacks by Dante.
  • It can be established if only Dante and Cain are upgrade.(However, Dante is a late bloomer, so his true potential is quite late in life.) It is not good against Dante, but it can also be used as an attacker.
  • Known to be vulnerable to double tanks and Heidi.

Standard Heroes : Dante, Nebula, Sebastian, Iris, Dorian or Jet


Assault K’arkh

  • Buffing K’arkh with Nebula and Sebastian makes him a one-hit wonder.
  • In Hero Wars, when you attack and damage your opponent, you simultaneously give them a gauge. The result is a match pump. However, this composition has one-hit-kill as its specialty, and the opponent cannot counterattack.
  • After the implementation of Ascension, the overall status has increased. As a result, one-hit-kill is no longer feasible in K’arkh, and it has become obsolete.

Standard Heroes : Astaroth, K’arkh, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha or Jet

Twins template

  • Considered the best practice of the twin combo, in which Lars generates a tornado after Krista deploys an ice floor.
  • It was a sucker for Lian users and Maya users, but very strong against other opponents.
  • At the end of 2021, with the arrival of Isaac, it became easy to defeat and became obsolete. Still usable as an attacking team.

Standard Heroes : Aurora, Krista, Celeste, Sebastian, Lars

Aurora Dante

  • Dante and Aurora evasion team collaboration. Aurora K’arkh team exists by analogy.
  • Aurora makes up for Dante’s weakness against magic.
  • Since you can’t patronize Kane for both Aurora and Dante, it’s not very practical, so it’s out of date.

Standard Heroes : Aurora, Dante, Issac, Sebastian, Jet or Celeste


K’arkh Template

  • Amplify K’arkh’s attacks with faceless. Can launch a series of one-hit kill attacks.
  • Excellent up to about 400,000 power for the whole team unless the opponent has dodge.
  • It was popular among beginners and intermediates in that it could be practical if only K’arkh and Astaroth were upgrade. However, the training status of all but K’arkh and Astaroth has almost no effect on the win rate, i.e., there is no room for growth after K’arkh is hitting the maximum stat, and it is impossible to win at all as the power increases, so it has become obsolete.

Standard Heroes : Astaroth, K’arkh, Jorgen, Faceless, Martha

K’arkh Kai

  • K’arkh’s attacks are amplified by Kai. A series of one-hit kill attacks can be launched.
  • There are various teams that can win to some extent, but the teams that can win reliably are narrowed down to some extent.
  • It has been used to a certain extent until 2023.

Standard Heroes : Astaroth, K’arkh, Kai, Sebastian, Jet

Lian solo

  • Many people have only been aware of its existence since 2021. A representative of the extremely cost-effective single horse team, which defeats all of its opponents while keeping them all charmed by patronizing Mara on a single horse.
  • It is often used in the early stages of training, and is used on servers that are still in the process of development. Excellent offensively and defensively as the second team in the Grand Arena.
  • Although it does not work for players with more than a certain level of knowledge, Lian itself is often used offensively and defensively, even in matches between top players.

Standard Heroes : Lian

About the teams not mentioned here

  • Blender, ODH, Undead Team, and Aurora Corvus are all well-known in their own right. However, they do not have as steep a track record in defense as the teams listed here!
  • When you introduce those teams, the list of possible referrals becomes very large!
  • Considering the overall amount of information, we have narrowed the list down considerably.

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