[Hero Wars Guide]Markus

[Hero Wars]Markus

About Markus

  • Tough healer and can be used as a tank.
  • Especially well-known for its use of marker tanks in combination with Dante.
  • Strong defense with other healers; strong 3-healer and 4-healer defense teams exist.
  • Strong formation retention as it remains as a holy spirit even after death.
  • Can be used at very low power if not used as a tank. Easily utilized as a subteam in guild raids.
  • Has a special for holy objects and official synergy with Tristan to increase magic attacks, but the experiential benefits are not as high. He has synergy as a healer on Galahad Tristan’s team, but the need to stick with Marcus is not that high when it comes to healers on this team. They are both designed for offensive teams, and their main purpose is different from that of Marcus, who excels in defensive battles.
  • Since they are in the vanguard compared to other healers, it is possible to organize a team that wants to activate recovery skills and barriers early.
  • As a defender of CoW City Hall, they are the twin of Albanor, and can provide a particularly solid defense.
[Hero Wars]Markus

Flavor Text

A healer of the Order who miraculously survived a demonic raid on his monastery. A divine power, granted from above, helped him defeat his enemies and cure his mortally wounded allies. Ever since Markus has been travelling the world, granting people life.


Holy Shield

  • Markus casts a shield on the ally with the lowest health. The shield blocks any damage for 5 seconds and heals the ally.
  • Healing: 158,844 (130% Magic attack + Level x 110)

Righteous Light

  • Markus launches a wave of light forward, healing allies and dealing damage to enemies.
  • Allies healing: 44,116 (35% Magic attack + Level x 40)
  • Damage: 44,116 (35% Magic attack + Level x 40)


  • Heals the ally with the lowest health.
  • Healing: 89,272 (65% Magic attack + Level x 150 + 500)


  • After dying Markus temporarily becomes a ghost and can still use all available skills. Enemies can’t target the ghost.
  • Spirit form duration: 46 (Level x 0.4 + 10) seconds


The Righteous Light



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