[Hero Wars]Celeste

[Hero Wars]Celeste

About Celeste

  • Healer and Mage of the magic team.
  • Has transformation skills, called Black Celeste and White Celeste, respectively.
  • Transformation is linked to the activation of the first skill. The transformation is linked to the activation of the first skill, which can be operated as fixed black or fixed white by manual operation.
  • The first artifact lasts only 4.5 seconds. so it is possible to stack buffs with two hits in a row.
  • Mages in this game usually normal attack physically, but the fourth skill changes Celeste normal attacks into magic attacks and recovery magic, and Celeste do not attack physically at all
  • Black Celeste can help as a near-line DPS, but not enough to be the main DPS.
  • Black Celeste’s recovery inhibition works as a counter to all healers, but it is ranged and tends to be out of range in situations where the opponent is widely positioned.
  • White Celeste’s debuff removal is the strongest of all heroes, and it can also nullify Yasmine’s poison, Chava’s swallow, and K’arkh‘s knockups, which Sebastian cannot deal with. However, it can only be activated on a single ally and is not activated often. On this skill, it can be used as a Yasmine counter when combined with Corvus, and as a K’arkh counter when combined with Aurora for a one-sided win!
  • Celeste-Nebula-Heidi, Celeste-Nebula-Orion, and Celeste-Sebastian-Iris can form a magic team-type fast attack formation.
  • Because Astaroth’s resurrection and Martha‘s recovery are inhibited at a considerable rate, it is often used as a counter to these two.
  • In terms of overall HP recovery, it is inferior to Martha’s. On the other hand, its HP recovery activation speed is faster than Martha’s. On the other hand, in many situations, it is the fastest in terms of HP recovery activation speed, and combined with the debuff cut, it is easy to use to help Aurora gain momentum.
  • Black Celeste is excellent against Dante tanks because of her unavoidable magic attack on the enemy lead.
  • Many beginners match K’arkh and Dante, making them something of a beginner’s mark. Celeste, a magic team member, is not strong enough to match physical DPS, so it is better to graduate to win.
  • Rufus and Isaac are hard counters. Almost never used on defense teams due to weakness to Isaac.
[Hero Wars]Celeste

Flavor Text

Just like day flows into night, Celeste changes her form. Gleaming sunlight grants life while the shadow of night opens up her darker traits. Nobody knows if she can keep that delicate balance under her control for much longer…


Two Fates

  • Celeste spends 50% of her energy and switches to her Light Form. When the skill is used again, she switches back to her Dark Form. 
  • When switching to Dark Form, Celeste creates a large area of Cursed Flame in the center of the enemy team. Enemies affected by the Cursed Flame can’t be healed. 
  • When switching to Light Form, Celeste directs a large Purifying Sphere at the ally with the least health left. The Purifying Sphere restores the ally’s health for 5 seconds.
  • In Dark Form total healing blocked: 131,261 (70% Magic attack + Level x 350)
  • In Light Form health restored: 98,761 (70% Magic attack + Level x 100) over 5 seconds

White Night

  • In her Dark Form, Celeste occasionally surrounds the nearest enemy with a small area of Cursed Flame. 
  • In her Light Form, Celeste directs a Purifying Sphere at the ally with the least health left.
  • In Dark Form total healing blocked: 118,261 (70% Magic attack + Level x 250)
  • In Light Form health restored: 98,761 (70% Magic attack + Level x 100) over 5 seconds


  • Healing blocked by the Cursed Flame is converted into magic damage dealt to the same target. The Purifying Sphere clears and blocks all the negative effects afflicting the ally before it disappears.
  • In Dark Form 42 (Level x 0.2 + 20)% of healing blocked is converted to magic damage.
  • In Light Form chance to block a debuff is lowered when battling higher-level opponents 130.


  • Celeste’s basic attacks now deal magic damage while she’s in her Dark Form, and target her allies with healing while she’s in her Light Form.
  • In Dark Form magic damage: 105,261 (70% Magic attack + Level x 150 + 6,000)
  • In Light Form health restored: 68,506 (40% Magic attack + Level x 150 + 6,000)



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