[Hero Wars Guide]Astaroth Last Word

[Hero Wars Guide]Astaroth Last Word

Strengths and Weaknesses of Astaroth’s Resurrection Skills

How does Astaroth‘s resurrection skill, the Last Word, work?

It is inherently a very powerful skill, but if you are not familiar with it, you may find it subtle and difficult to use… If you are not familiar with it, you may have the impression that it is very difficult to use.

  • No status required to resurrect, excellent from low power.
  • Can be used many times in continuous defense.
  • Opponents have several ways to disable it, especially Morrigan, which is hard counter.

About the Resurrection Skill

  • Activates for the first comrade who dies in battle.
  • If the first person to die was the Astaroth, the skill will be applied to Astaroth.
  • If you are defending continuously in guild fights or CoW, you can activate it once for each battle.
  • Activates when you die from physical damage, magic damage, or pure damage.
  • All buffs are removed for heroes who are revived at the time of activation. Buffs from the first artifact during activation are still in effect.
  • All debuffs on the hero who is resurrected at the time of activation are removed.
  • The resurrecting hero is resurrected with a gauge based on the amount of damage taken at the time of death. This makes it possible to counter with an immediate counterattack upon resurrection. If you are familiar with hero battles, offensive operations can also be assembled

Resurrection skill counters

  • Some heroes can disable resurrection skills, while others cannot. It is useful offensively and defensively if you remember.
  • If the opponent has Morrigan, it will always be disabled. After Morrigan is defeated, he can be resurrected.(if the number of resurrections is still available)
  • If the opponent has Celeste, it will be disabled if the recovery reversal is activated.(After being revived with 1 Health, the behavior is damage reversal of Health recovery. Countermeasures can be taken with barrier skills)
  • If Amira‘s decoy is present, the resurrection skill is not activated. However, Amira’s decoy is not always activated, nor does it have the ability to consume the number of times it is activated. Therefore, even after being disabled by a decoy, a one-time activation may still occur depending on the timing
  • Unlike Rufus‘ resurrection, it is not disabled by Jet‘s recovery inhibition. Because the recovery inhibition is a debuff and the debuff is cut when reviving.
  • While Biscuit’s first skill is in effect, within the range of the field effect, everyone except Astaroth himself has a fixed Health of 1 when he is revived. As a result, he often dies immediately after that next attack. Due to the field effect, Health is recovered as usual while Yasmine or Kayla is diving in.

Differences from Rufus’s Resurrection

Please refer to the following

Rufus Rakashi’s Oath

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