[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week17

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week17


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The bug where Aidan’s HP sharing is disabled

  • Q. Please fix the bug where Aidan’s HP sharing is disabled by skills that affect his maximum HP, such as Dante’s 4th skill and Qing Mao’s 4th skill.
    Even after being disabled, Aidan still takes the same damage as the lead.
    If that is a spec change, please explain.
  • A. Hello! Regarding Aidan’s and Dante’s strange skill behavior – it is a bug. The task is in the works and the fix will be released as soon as it’s done.

A bug: purchase ADDITIONAL Winter Fest coins

  • Q. Hi – last week or so, a bug was found that people could access unused and/or purchase ADDITIONAL Winter Fest coins with emeralds through the Aidan SS page. Many players took advantage of this bug and won many Elemental Tournament Certificates and/or gathered Winter Skins and many other resources long after the Event by sending themselves presents. Many of us didn’t know about this bug or couldn’t take advantage of it before Nexters fixing it. This bug had created a totally UNFAIR situation for the whole HW community – especially to many of us who still have much Winter Fest coins left. To be fair, would you please kindly ask the developers to keep those available Winter Fest coin balances for the next Winter Fest, i.e. all players will have access to any and all unused Winter Fest coins from last year in the Winter Fest 2023? Many thanks for your kind consideration and assistance!!
  • A. Hey! First of all, sorry about that issue, we didn’t expect that at all, but now we know how something like that can happen and will be on guard with the next releases. As far as we know, not a lot of players used this unintended loophole – not only because it was hard to stumble upon, but also because many of you don’t have many Winterfest Coins left. We’ve warned you that the Winterfest Baubles and Coins will disappear after the Winterfest, so you need to use them all up, and many of you have listened!
    Regarding the next Winterfest, I can’t say it with 100% confidence, as it’s too far right now, but I am almost certain that old Winterfest Coins won’t be available next Winterfest. So please, don’t forget to spend all of your Winterfest Coins during the Winterfest next time, don’t hope for stockpiling them or for some fringe bug to happen so you can use them all of sudden  And we will do our best to keep this kind of things from happening again!

A new cheating script

  • Q. I’m very concerned about the future of the game because a new a new cheating script, that let’s you cancel or auto repeat battles for Osh, CoW and GW if you are not happy with the result, is spreading quickly with already more than 3000 installations. I’ll not name it here to not promote it further here, but I can say it’s not one of the widely known extensions, but a user script for a general purpose browser extension widely used by russian players. As you can see in the attached screenshots it allows you to cancel or auto repeat battles when you are not happy with the result until you get a high enough score. Same goes for GW or CoW. If you lose you can simply cancel or auto repeat the battle until you win.
    You see it best for Osh where the same people reliably manage to score more than 300M every week against Osh. And guilds doing 7B or even 10B of damage against Osh where as other guilds don’t manage to get more than 4B. All honest players know that you can not reliably score high with the Meta team + Albus and Axel will not get you that high.
    This script is really bad cheating at a new level. It allows you to reliably win even with lousy teams that have a very low chance to win in CoW and GW. We will soon see guilds with much lower power to battle for top 50 in CoW when this exploit is not fixed or people being banned for abusing the exploit.
    Are you already aware of it? What do you intend to do about it? And I’m pretty sure that the third screenshot will tell your developers what exploit this tool is abusing and how you can stop such an exploit. If you don’t fix this issue soon then the game is probably dead soon as honest players will stop playing because of such cheats.
  • A. Hello! We are aware of that, and our developers are already working on a solution for that issue. Our fix should shut down this practice, and we are looking forward to releasing the fix next week.

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week17

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 9

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 12


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