[Hero Wars Guide]Julius’s Cybertech playing concept

[Hero Wars Guied] Gift from Julius

To select the rewards for the Interplanetary Travel

Things to consider.

  • Cost performance of each reward.
  • Speculation on the limitations of each reward.

Julius’s Cybertech

Please refer here for individual cost performance.

Julius’s Cybertech Playing Concept

As a premise, the following objectives are promising.

  • To summon Julius.
  • I want to use Julius right away.
  • I want to upgrade other heroes.

Method of How to use coins

  • If you want to use Julius right away, you want to upgrade them to 6 Stars (Absolute Star) here. Even if you forgo it here, there is a high possibility that you will have a chance to obtain it in about 6-10 months.
  • If there are 80 or so Soul Stones left, the lack of Soul Stones could be made up in Hero of the Month in about two months.
  • Limited Skin may not be available for several months if they are foregone here. However, it is likely to be unlocked before the Soul Stone.
  • If you are not interested in Julius, you should get equipment that you can divert to the hero you are currently raising. However, the exchange rate is about 100% equipment for 155% dolls.

Is it better to summon Julius directly or by dolls?

  • Direct summoning of Julius costs 8,000 coins. However, it is possible to ignore them and summon them from Soul Stones obtained from dolls
  • The doll is luck, but you can expect to get 7,500 coins for the direct summon 8,000 coins versus 7,500 coins for the summon with the doll, plus various extras.
  • Therefore, betting on dolls is more profitable in terms of expected value.
  • However, the number of dolls is very small, and there will be a large difference between players. However, if the number of coins is small, individual differences among players will be extremely large. It is necessary to allow for a reasonable margin.
  • This is a matter of probability. If you are concerned about the psychological effect on yourself, you can summon them directly.

How many dolls are needed for Julius Star 6?

Please refer to the following

About Robot Energys

  • It is possible to purchase Robot Energys to level the bosses and enjoy the game!
  • There is no real benefit, and it is an element for those who want to enjoy the boss battles.

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