[Hero Wars Guide]Astaroth

[Hero Wars] Astaroth

About Astaroth

  • A very easy-to-use, very tank-like tank that works well for both friend and foe. he is the most frequently used tank.
  • It is defense-oriented and has no offensive capabilities. This can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it does not become an energy presenter by doing unnecessary things.
  • Easy to match with various heroes. Especially good with Heidi.
  • Each tank has its own DPS with relative strengths, but Astaroth is especially good vs. Dante
  • A tank that excels in anti-physical DPS battles, which makes it easy to be active from low power team. Armor buff, anti-physical barrier, and physical damage dispersion to deal with physical damage.
  • When you are the last one, you activate the third skill targeting yourself. Damage reduction is available, and in battles between teams with less than 400,000 power, many scenes are defensible with Astaroth’s specialized upgrade.
  • The second skill can burn the energy of the opponent’s hindmost team. This makes it especially strong against teams whose 5th is a DPS.
  • Excellent resurrection skill.
  • Celeste Morrigan Amira counters to nullify resurrection skills.
  • 1st and 4th skills can be enhanced with magic attack power buffs for allies.
  • Beast skin is a must, Demonic skin and Lunar skin are decoration level.
  • Excellent as a double tank, placing her in second position allows her to spread out the damage caused by her 3rd skill. Due to this characteristic, it is extremely incompatible with Galahad, who lines up behind himself, for double tanking.
  • The combination of Purple Oliver’s Patron and Purple Axel’s team in makes it extremely solid.
[Hero Wars]Astaroth

Flavor Text

Astaroth’s scorching blade emanates unbearable heat. His eyes burn with Infernal flame. Rejected by God, this angel was filled with rage. His only goal is to burn this world to ashes.


Flame Veil

  • Casts a shield that blocks physical damage on the entire team. The shield’s capacity is shared between all team members.
  • Shield capacity: 76,777 (100% Magic attack + Level x 100 + 1,000) damage


  • Astaroth spews a flare of hellfire, burning up some of the energy accumulated by the furthest enemy.
  • Energy burned: 38 (Level x 0.1 + 25)%
  • If the opponent’s level is above 130, the chance to burn their energy is decreased

Demon’s Allegiance

  • Passive skill. Astaroth maintains a connection with the ally who has the least health left and takes on a part of the physical damage inflicted against that ally. The transferred damage is also reduced.
  • Transfers 48 (Level x 0.1 + 37)% of physical damage
  • An extra 34.5 (Level x 0.15 + 18)% is subtracted from the transferred damage

Last Word

  • Once per battle, Astaroth resurrects a fallen ally (or himself).
  • Extra health after resurrection: 100,277 (100% Magic attack + Level x 250 + 15,000)


Wings of Flame

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