[Hero Wars Guide]Which Tank to Upgrade in 2022

[Hero Wars Guide]Which Tank Upgrade?


Which heroes should you choose to upgrade in Hero Wars 2022?
Here we describe the main candidates for the Tank role.
We hope this will help you choose the heroes you will train in the future.
If you start with Dante Tank or Arachne Tank, tank training will be an afterthought.
The importance of Tank power is second only to DPS power.



An anti-physical tank that is very active from low power.
The Beast Skin is mandatory, the Devil Skin and Runa Skin are decorative.
Also with the best tank, which is active against any friend or foe.
If you want to double tank, except Galahad.
Defense variant. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it does not become an energy presenter by doing extra work.
Celeste and Morrigan counters to nullify resurrection skills.


The most popular tank in 2022. Utilized against Iris, Heidi, and Yasmine because he does not die from Pure Damage and Magic Damage.
Functions at much lower power in vs. magic team fights. Excellent as a second team tank in Grand Arena.
Also works well in Asgard.
Morrigan and Jet counters to nullify resurrection skills.
When combined with Dante, it solves the problem of Dante being easily defeated by Heidi, but also the countermeasure of the countermeasure by Morrigan…


Continuous evasion buff, continuous magic, magic reflection. An aggressive strong tank with a strong personality.
It shows its true potential in magic and hybrid teams.
The Elven Holy Knight is represented as a magic attack + dodge . This makes them vulnerable to the popular Isaac and Iris and easy to lose at once.
It is not strong unless it is high power as it depends on Dodge. Also, there is competition for Kain with other Dodge heroes.


A counter-type tank who specializes in Pure Damage counterattacks with altars.
It is also attractive to have a scene that can respond immediately to the opponent’s composition by swapping pets in the team.
If you choose him as your first tank, you will be troubled by his weakness to be hit. On the other hand, it has an overwhelming advantage over Yasmine and Keira as long as the opponent does not have a Corvus countermeasure.
It is easier to double tank with Aurora or stabilize in an undead team with Morrigan Phobos.


A very tough tank that some may mistake for the strongest tank.
Overwhelming toughness and skills to fish out the rear guard, works well in a double tank with Corvus.
I think the official combo with Peppy is not a scene you want to use.
Be careful with Dorian and Lian, but Sebastian and Iris at the tail end are sitting ducks.


Although he is precisely a support hero, most people utilize him as an offensive tank.
It is easy to team up with, especially as a K’herk counter and Dante counter.
It is more vulnerable to being hit than a pure tank and is used in situations with fast attacks and countermeasures against being hit.
The scene of use is close to that of Astaroth Cleaver, and if you are going to train these three, I recommend that you focus on one of them at first.
If they are not used as tanks, they can be used even with thin upgrade and are suitable for training as candidates for second tank personnel.

At the end

Heroes not mentioned here also have their own charms.
However, it is better to choose a hero with many active scenes to develop the game to your advantage.
We hope this introduction will be helpful.


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