[Hero Wars Guide]Can I make a good team with Polaris?

Aim for the best attack team

  • Polaris, the year-end hero of 2023.
  • Some people argue that she’s not very strong, but her effectiveness depends on how you utilize her.
  • I find her particularly valuable in attack teams.
  • Designing a versatile and powerful attack team is achievable.
  • So let’s build one.
[Hero Wars] Polaris

This is the team

  • Aurora: to counter Dante.
  • Morrigan: to counter Rufus.
  • Amira: to counter Ishmael.
  • Iris: DPS because she is strong!
  • Polaris: to counter Sebastian. This team is designed for Polaris.

[Hero Wars]Aurora[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Amira[Hero Wars]IrisPolaris

Pet Assignments

Designed for damage control.

[Hero Wars Guide] Polaris strong team

Combat Training Results

  • Faced off against three of the most common teams encountered.
  • Achieved a win rate of over 90% against all of them!
  • Pets must be utilized differently for Dante and Ishmael.

Dante tank, Amira

  • Team pet: Oliver, Axel is also a viable choice.
  • 20 wins and 0 losses.
[Hero Wars Guide] Polaris strong team

Rufus Dante Iris

  • Team pet: Axel.
  • 20 wins and 0 losses.
[Hero Wars Guide] Polaris strong team

 Assault Ishmael

  • Team pet: Khorus.
  • 18 wins and 2 losses.
[Hero Wars Guide] Polaris strong team

What about Celeste?

  • Celeste synergizes well with Aurora, Iris, and Morrigan, but she wasn’t used in this team!
  • The decision to exclude Celeste was deliberate, as adding her to the lineup could secure victories against Dante but not against Ishmael.
  • To beat Dante, Celeste could be swapped in for Amira.
[Hero Wars Guide] Polaris strong team


  • As evident, the team was crafted with the current meta in mind!
  • While versatile, it’s not a claim to beat any team.
  • This is a team that performs reasonably well in the present environment.

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