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Player Skills to Succeed with Yasmine

Manual Yasmine

How Yasmine works

  • Yasmine’s first skill inflicts continuous Pure damage on the target that recently attacked her.
  • To make the most of this ability, it is crucial to manually time the activation of Yasmine’s first skill.
  • By promptly using a skill or switching to auto-attack after a hero is attacked, you can specifically target them.

Usage Scenarios

  • The choice of which hero to target depends on the composition of both the offensive and defensive teams.
  • Experienced players often use a Yasmine Tank + Dante attack team when facing tough opponents, employing the eye-press technique.
  • This technique is especially useful when attacking CoW’s engineers or dealing with opponents who have Rufus. Since Rufus is not susceptible to Pure damage, targeting Yasmine becomes ineffective, essentially neutralizing her. Therefore, using Yasmine on auto-attack against a team with Rufus is likely to result in defeat. Many players make this mistake after only a few attempts. Skilled players, however, can successfully attack similar teams either by using a well-constructed team or through manual operation. Although these two approaches may seem similar, their success rates differ significantly.

Corvus or Helios

  • This technique does not guarantee that Yasmine will bypass Corvus or Helios.
  • It is important to note that Corvus and Helios may still intercept Yasmine’s attacks despite the timing of the skills.
  • Additional strategies or team compositions may be necessary to overcome the obstacles posed by Corvus or Helios when using Yasmine.

Three Techniques for Successful Manual Yasmine Play

1. Repeatedly pressing the ESC key

  • This technique involves repeatedly pressing the escape key to check the timing and increase the success rate.
  • Note that if a certain amount of time elapses, the process will switch to automatic processing.
Keyboard Shortcuts

2. Manual Axel Combo

  • An effective technique, involves activating the Axel skill just before the desired timing when Yasmine wants to be targeted by the enemy’s attack.
  • With this technique, you can target heroes other than the initial one with Yasmine’s attacks.
  • The sequence of actions required for this technique is as follows: 1. Activate the Axel skill -> wait for the opponent’s attack -> 2. Activate Yasmine’s skill.

3. Kayla Combo

  • If you struggle with precise timing, using Kayla to divert the opponent’s attacks can create a pattern that makes timing easier.
  • The hero behind the target you want Yasmine to attack will strike Kayla instead, giving you a wider range of timing.
  • This pattern only applies when the opponent you wish to target with Yasmine is in the middle line. In some cases, even a slightly upgraded Kayla can be effective, so it is an option that should not be underestimated.

Importance of Manual Operation

  • Manual operation is crucial for players who utilize Yasmine, particularly when facing opponents with high defense difficulties.
  • The effectiveness of an attack greatly relies on the team composition of both the offensive and defensive sides. However, there are opponents whose win rates can significantly fluctuate depending on whether manual operation is employed or not.
  • While manual operation may not be an essential player skill for those who have alternative methods of attack apart from Yasmine, it is still advantageous to possess this skill.

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