[Hero Wars Guide]Khorsu

[Hero Wars Guide]Khorsu

Khorus Overview

  • The ninth pet introduced in 2022.
  • For Magic User.
  • Always 70% Debuff cut (at maximum power) when banded. Note, however, that only a few Debuffs are effective targets.
  • When patronized, it generates a damage offset barrier of up to 90%, dependent on damage dealt. If the heroes on either side are also magic damage Mages, they are eligible for 50% of the performance.
  • Note that the Patron effect is Magic Damage dependent and the offsetting target is limited to Physical Damage. Also, Iris Heidi and others are not eligible for support because they do not have Magic Damage, even if they are Mages.
  • Damage offset barrier up to 100,000; 50,000 for heroes on each side.
  • “The Indomitable” are very incompatible with Sebastian, and almost impossible to be combined at the same time.

Normal Skills

Flock’s Vengeance

  • Once per 3 seconds, Khorus’ charges one Rune in the Runic Circle. He also charges Runes (max 20) when enemies apply certain control effects.
  • When the Runic Circle is activated, Khorus’ deals damage over time to the enemy that has applied the most control effects.
  • A different amount of Runes is charged for different control types: 3 for silence, 2 for charm, and 1 for blinding, stun, and mind control.

The Indomitable

  • Passive skill. Enables each ally to block certain control effects. Effects blocked by this skill charge Runes in Khorus’ Runic Circle.
  • The following control effects trigger this skill: silence, charm, blinding, stun, and mind control.

Patron Skill

Bonus Status

  • Magic Attack
  • Armor

Resilience Aura

  • The owner and two allies with Intelligence as their main stat that stand in front of the owner and behind them are granted a Resilience Aura.
  • The owner with the Resilience Aura converts 50% of magic damage they deal into shield. The allies with the Aura convert 25% of magic damage they deal into shield. The shield absorbs some of the physical damage taken. The damage absorbed scales with the hero’s missing health.


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FAQ: Khorus’ Skills

We’ve gathered questions about Khorus’ Skills, so here are the answers!

  • Q: Does Khorus charge Runes in the Runic Circle when an ally hero avoids the enemy’s control effect due to ally skill? For example, when Nebula’s “Absolute Serenity” skill prevents a Silence effect from being applied to an ally, would Khorus get a charged Rune for that Silence effect?
    A: No, Khorus won’t charge a Rune in that case. The same happens with Sebastian’s “Odd of Serenity” or any other skill of an ally that prevents negative effects from being applied.
  • Q: Can Khorus’ “Flock’s Vengeance” target summoned entities like Morrigan’s skeletons or Elmir’s sand clone?
    A: No, “Flock’s Vengeance” can’t target Morrigan’s skeletons, Elmir’s sand clone, Ilissa’s spiderlings, Lucas, and heroes’ souls exposed by Iris.
  • Q: What happens if no one in the enemy team has control skills? Does that mean Khorus won’t get any Runes charged and won’t be able to use his “Flock’s Vengeance” skill during the fight?
    A: Khorus gets one charged Rune for his “Flock’s Vengeance” skill passively every 3 seconds, so he will still be able to use it even if there are no enemies who apply control effects.
  • Q: What happens if the hero targeted by the Khorus’ “Flock’s Vengeance” skill becomes temporarily unavailable as a target? For example, when Arachne makes a Hyper Jump, Ziri burrows into the ground with the “Shelter of Sands” skill, or Yasmine uses her “Dance of Death.”
    A: There are different outcomes for different cases, but there is a general rule: if an enemy becomes unavailable and there are no other legitimate targets — the “Flock’s Vengeance” skill is interrupted until the target becomes available again, while the unspent charged Runes are kept preserved. If the enemy becomes unavailable and there are other enemies who can be targeted by Khorus, the leftover damage from the “Flock’s Vengeance” charged Runes will be redirected to them. 
  • Q: It’s stated that Resilience Aura can affect not only an owner of the Khorus patronage but also two allied heroes with the Intelligence main stat — one that is behind the owner and one that is in front of them. What happens, if there are other non-Intelligence based heroes between the owner and two allies with the Intelligence main stat? Will those Intelligence-based Heroes still receive shields from the Resilience Aura or not?
    A: The heroes with other main stats are ignored for the purpose of defining the heroes who should be affected by the Resilience Aura, so in that case, the heroes with the Intelligence main stat will still get shields from the Aura. 
  • Q: And what happens if there are two heroes with the Intelligence main stat in front of the Khorus’ owner? Will they both get shields from the Resilience Aura?
    A: No, Resilience Aura can affect only one hero behind the owner and one that is in front of them. So, if there are two heroes with the Intelligence main stat in front of the owner, the Resilience Aura will affect only the one of them who is nearest to the owner.

Khorus and Sebastian’s design (add 9.1)

  • Q. Did the devs intentionally design Khorus to apply his passive skill and block a % of control effects only After Seb’s shield has been used up or is that a bug? There’s nothing written in the skill description that Khorus’s passive skill would only apply if no other anti-control effects are active, so this seems to be a bug just based upon skill descriptions. If this were fixed (or if it was intentional and changed as Khorus is woefully underperforming due to this interaction), it would make Khorus a far more effective field pet and thus incentivize far more players to build Khorus.
  • A. Yes, Khorus’ “The Indomitable” passive skill is triggered only after allied heroes skills that can remove/prevent control effects being used. So the answer is yes, that is by design.
[Hero Wars] FAQ Pet Khorsu

Process of creating Khorus! 

Hi everyone! Today we would like to share some interesting facts about the process of creating Khorus! 

  • At the beginning of the process, the developers had to decide what kind of pet would be a better fit for the current meta, and only after that, they started to think about how this pet should look like. They decided that the raven that freed himself from the shackles would create an excellent image of the pet that fights for freedom from enemy control. Thus, Khorus’ appearance and backstory are related to his skills: for a long time he lived in chains, in captivity, but now he is free, and the remnants of the shackles are a reminder of what he is fighting for.
  • After choosing the raven as a future pet, the developers asked artists to make several concept arts, so they needed to choose the best raven out there.
  • Some of the concept arts we’ve shown in the picture of this post!
  • The pet could have been called Severin instead of Khorus, but the final vote within the development team decided that the pet will be called Khorus!
  • Initially, it was planned that the pet would only reduce the duration of the control effects but in the end, developers decided to let Khorus help heroes avoid control altogether.
  • Originally, Khorus’ “Flock’s Vengeance” was supposed to be the patronage skill, whereas “Resilience Aura” could be his first skill. But then the developers swapped them and made the Aura protect not only the owner but also two other allies.
[Hero Wars]Process of creating Khorus!

Khorus’ Special Event


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