[Hero Wars Guide]Ishmael’s Team Theory and Popular Formations

[Hero Wars Guide] Ishmael's Team Theory and Popular Formations

How to Build a Team Strategy

Every hero has a foundational team theory, and Ishmael is no exception. Let’s delve into the appropriate team compositions for Ishmael and explore some of the most popular packages used in practice.

Traditional Ishmael team

Sebastian and Fafnir are especially recommended

  • These two have become indispensable to the Ishmael organization. I will explain why.
  • There are some formations that I have dared to leave out, but as it stands, they should be considered anomalous formations!
  • As a theory, we recommend matching these two heroes together

A Synergistic: Ishmael and Sebastian

  • Ishmael’s strength in terms of firepower is partly due to his quadruple critical damage. Sebastian is a hero who excels at critical support. He strongly extends Ishmael’s strengths.
  • Ishmael’s invulnerability to physical and magical damage tends to be hampered by stuns and Jorgen. Sebastian compensates for Ishmael’s weakness against control!
[Hero Wars]Sebastian

A Synergistic: Ishmael and Fafnir

  • Ishmael boasts powerful invulnerability, but it is not always activated. Fafnir‘s instant death disable compensates well for this point. In addition, when Sebastian is organized at the same time, the risk of Sebastian being knocked down can be mitigated in the same way.
  • Ishmael’s armor penetration is a little less than satisfactory. Fafnir, which appeared as an official combo with Ishmael, is also good at compensating for the armor penetration.

Tankless Strategy

  • Ishmael can function effectively as a tank in certain assault formations, with Aidan often providing durability support.
  • However, tankless strategies are seldom employed in defensive teams due to vulnerability to Iris.
  • The exception occurs when facing opponents unable to utilize Iris or when strategically hidden as the third team in Grand Arena matchups.

Overall Composition

  • The core of Ishmael’s lineup consists of Ishmael, Sebastian, and Fafnir, supplemented by two additional heroes.
  • Offensive compositions are tailored based on opponents’ defensive setups, incorporating Iris and Martha as needed.
  • Defensive formations revolve around three standard concepts.

Defensive Team Concepts

  • 1. Assault Team – Offense Maximization: Focuses on maximizing Ishmael’s firepower, often integrating Nebula to enhance frontline breakthrough performance.
  • 2. Control Emphasis: Utilizes Ishmael and Fafnir’s stun capabilities, reinforced by Biscuit‘s tank patron to neutralize Sebastian, and includes Jorgan to counter Khorus.
  • 3. Double DPS Complexity: Introduces complexity with dual DPS against opponents with Ishmael countermeasures, leveraging heroes like Dante and Heidi with Dodge buffs.

Examples of Ishmael Team Compositions

1. Assault Team Example

2. Control Team Example

3. Double-DPS Team Example

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