[Hero Wars Guide]Biscuit

[Hero Wars] Biscuit

Pet Guide

  • Formally known as “King Biscuit Hartmann von Würstenberg III”.
  • A penguin residing in snowy mountains, Biscuit is a healer-slayer, specializing in inhibiting recovery. He poses a formidable challenge for Sebastian.
  • With the lowest power requirement among pets, he serves as an excellent sub-pet option for unpaid or inexperienced players.

Strengths and Team-Building Theory

  • Accessible from the start, his first skill initiates a 5-second recovery inhibition and magic damage field effect.
  • Unlike Celeste and Recovery Blocking Banner, Similar to Jet, Biscuit’s recovery inhibition from the first skill is completely effect. the recovery inhibit of Biscuit’s first skill is a field effect.
  • Despite being team-up at level 1, this first skill remains effective. While less powerful when underdeveloped, it proves useful in various scenarios.
  • Particularly effective against Marcus, Thea, and Martha, Biscuit serves as a strong counter. His first skill is especially potent against Town Hall in CoW.
  • Combining Biscuit with other recovery inhibitors like Celeste proves somewhat effective when attacking teams with strong healers.
  • Biscuit is an optimal solution for team-up with a completely un-upgraded pet in the Grand Arena, making it novice-friendly.
  • An important pet for lower-level guild members. It is often the best team pet solution when chasing a team that is down to Astaroth and Martha after an ace is shot down. In this case, an un-upgrade lvl 1 Biscuit may be more effective than a max-power Axel. If he or the Guild Master/General has such knowledge, it will contribute to the guild’s overall score.
  • The fourth skill of the Patron Effect is the addition of a recovery inhibit to attacks. This is treated as a debuff and has a small effect. The real value of this skill is that it counts as a debuff, not a buff. For this reason, when Patronized by a hero with a high attack count, it acts as a hard counter to Sebastian.

Disadvantages of Biscuit

  • While powerful, Biscuit’s first skill is not as potent as Axel‘s, and its current use is primarily defined as a healer counter.
  • Despite being a healer counter, Biscuit is not effective against all healers, particularly Dorian and Nebula.
  • Exceptions to the first skill’s recovery inhibition exist, with self-healing and bloodsucking abilities remaining unaffected. For example, it cannot counter the recovery of Astaroth’s Oliver or Galahad‘s Ishmael‘s bloodsucking.
  • The timing of Biscuit’s first skill is crucial, and it may not always be active. It proves ineffective against certain situations, In particular, there are situations where Thea’s first skill cannot prevent a full recovery at all.
  • Biscuit’s recovery inhibition is a field effect, rendering it ineffective if the field is manipulated by Galahad or the twins.
  • His first skill is less suitable for defensive formations, proving entirely useless against heal-less or vampire-based teams.
  • The activity level does not significantly change whether Biscuit is upgraded or not, making it challenging to discern the benefits of prioritizing upgrades.
  • While the Patron Effect does not require high power, the skill remains locked until upgraded to Purple, posing difficulties in prioritizing upgrades.

Heroes Particularly Benefiting from Biscuit’s Patronage

Cleaver, Corvus, Rufus, Maya, Heidi, Orion, Lian, and Polaris can all serve as effective counters to Sebastian when patronized by Biscuit.

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