[Hero Wars Guide]Jet

[Hero Wars]Jet

About Jet

  • Physical team healer with little or no recovery skills, but strong critical support that is always activated.
  • Used frequently by physical teams for quick attacks.
  • Usually not used for magic teams, but there is an exception against Rufus.
  • Not often used in defense teams. He is more of a healer for offensive teams. However, in some offensive teams, such as Dante tanks, she has a higher success rate than Martha.
  • It works well with K’arkh, Yasmine, and Dante. In an offensive formation with these physical DPS, they can ensure that you win cases that other healers such as Martha would not be able to win with certainty. However, we are not talking about forcing a healer to win a matchup that should be avoided, such as Dante vs Dante matchup.
  • In guild raids, it is often used as a double armor buffer.
  • There is no way to get soul stones except from the Soul Shop.
  • Although beginners tend to think that Jet is not a strong healer, there are some situations where Jet is necessary to ensure a win in a physical team.
  • If it is limited to use in attack formation, there is a place for Jet even if its power is quite low.
  • The word “meathead healer” exists because of its suitability for pushing physical attacks.
  • Although it provides support for physical teams, its skill performance is dependent on magical attacks. Therefore, when combined with Iris, Iris’s magic attack buff provides a synergistic boost to the critical rate.
  • Since critical support is the essence, Helios and Amira is hard counter.
[Hero Wars]Jet

Flavor Text

You should not underestimate Jet, the insect exterminator from Tornville! Fascinated by his craft and science, he would spend all of his time in the laboratory. A simple goblin who found a way not only to poison other creatures, but also to heal them and evolve their skills, he quickly caught the attention of the Guardians.


Elixir of Vigor

  • Jet channels the flow of life-giving elixir to the ally with the greatest Physical attack and starts slowly spending energy. Until the energy runs out or Jet gets interrupted, that ally receives increased Physical attack, a 30% bonus to speed, and a Health regen effect.
  • Physical attack boost: 29,727 (20% Magic attack + Level x 50)
  • Health regen per second: 35,534 (25% Magic attack + Level x 50)

Acid Shot

  • Jet shoots acid at the enemy with the highest Armor, decreasing their Armor for 8 seconds
  • Temporary Armor Reduction: 14,864 (10% Magic attack + Level x 25)

Potion of Fatigue

  • Jet launches a poisoned potion flask at the closest enemies. Affected enemies cannot regenerate Health for 8 seconds
  • Potion effect chance is lowered for enemies above level 130

Inordinate Fury

  • While Jet is alive, all his allies have an increased critical hit chance.
  • Critical hit chance bonus: 4,353 (2.5% Magic attack + Level x 15 + 100)



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